Shadows Of The Past episode 30. Read what to expect on Sunday the 27th of September’s episode on UTV Ghana

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with the episode 30 of LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST)

Aldonza finally asks Renato to be her attorney and as a friend to help her take revenge against his adversaries. Renato seized the opportunity to propose to Aldonza but she turned him down again this time telling him that she wouldn’t want to create any false hopes for him so that later she would say she disappointed him. Renato though not happy took it in good fate and tells her he agrees and therefore is willing to be her attorney to accomplish her revenge.

Cristobal stays upstairs awaiting for Emmanuel to come give him any information concerning Aldonza’s safety but Emmanuel arrives after going to check on Aldonza to see if she is doing well as asked by Cristobal to be her protector and unfortunately for him, he bumps into candela and she angrily prevents him from going to deliver the information to Cristobal saying that, Cristobal is already asleep.

Cristobal receives a call from Valeria through Dominga but after telling Cristobal that Valeria wants to speak with him, he asks Dominga to tell her that he is asleep. Dominga delivers the message to her as Cristobal has asked her and Valeria becomes so shocked. Dominga then take the opportunity to advise Cristobal that, it is better for him to back out before it becomes too late because looking at the situation, they are not even married yet but things are seriously not working between them what if they get married and stay under one roof. After Dominga left him, he began mentioning Aldonza’s name asking himself ones again that, he hopes she is doing alright.

Lola walks alongside the road after she closes from work and on her way, she starts to pray to virgin Mary to help her so that Emmanuel never fall for Mary but rather her.

Emmanuel after being sacked by candela and whiles leaving the ranch to his house, Melesio calls him from behind questioning him to explain to him on why he was attending to Mary so romantically whereas he is going out with his granddaughter. Emmanuel though tells Melesio that it is not what he thinks even though Mary is trying to force him but he’s not interested in her but Melesio still insists that there is no way he can deny it since he saw everything with eyes when Mary was giving him some chocolate. Emmanuel then tells Melesio that he is going to make everything clear to Mary about his relationship between him and Lola. Melesio then also cautions him to make it quick because if he dares to hurt his granddaughter, he will have him to contend with because he will be watching him closely.

The next morning, Emmanuel delivers the information to Cristobel that the rumors from people maybe indeed true because he also saw him with a guy at el-Santuario and the way they hugged each other and from the way it seems, that guy is his boyfriend and also she is going to stay at their old house for good since she has already rented it and Cristobal upon hearing that becomes so nervous.

Valeria visits Abelardo at their house to ask him how he’s feeling and after a little while chart, Abelardo lies to Valeria that, that beating came about after her beloved Cristobel saw that, he Abelardo is interested in his formal girl Aldonza. Valeria then goes on a deal with Abelardo to help her by making Aldonza to disappear from Cristobal’s life and in return as Abelardo asked from her, Just within a twinkle of an eye, their sentiment rises up and they began to kiss and caress each other and unfortunately for them, Mary entered the hall.

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