See 6 ‘disgusting’ bleaching photos of Bukom Banku

Bukom Banku is currently the talk of GH, there is no denying the fact that he is a great boxer, an unbeaten one, of course.

However, the public’s concern with his recent decision to bleach his skin is clear. He has turned deaf ears to whatever Ghanaians are saying.

Today, we look at some unbelievable photos of the boxer’s bleached skin.

We reported his pierced ear, which many argue that it shows the boxer has gay tendencies.

This was what he said about his bleaching. “My name is Bukom Banku aka Africa’s Mayweather.. I was black and now I want to be fair. How does that concern you?”

Check his legs, how must this not concern everyone?

Regardless of this, the boxer is sticking to his stance. Interestingly, he says it cost him GHS 1000 to bleach his skin every week. Coupled with his tattoos, we are looking at a very bad ending for the boxer.

Funny enough, he wears short knickers to proudly expose his bleached skin. That, we believe is the greatest height of the effects of illiteracy. | Credit: | See 6 ‘disgusting’ bleaching photos of Bukom Banku

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