Sarkodie launches Mary album in Tamale (+Photos)

Sarkodie was able to launch his ‘Mary’ album in Tamale on Saturday the 19th of September 2015, granting fans autographs at the Discovery hotel, after the first successful launch at the West Hills Mall in Accra on the 12th.

It’s difficult to believe, but according to a report by one Iddi from Northern Region, Sarkodie’s Mary album signing session did not go well. Iddi was on Pluzz FM in Accra on Sunday afternoon to give a rundown on what happened at Tamale, where Sarkodie hosted his “Mary” album signing at the Discovery Hotel.

According to the report, less than 100 people were at the hotel to actually buy the album, as compared to the 3,441 copies of the MARY album he sold at the West Hills Mall in Accra, in a day.

EOnlineGhana also reports that fans were supposed to pay GHC 20 to be at the event, unlike at the West Hills Mall which was free for everybody. The event organizers required everyone to pay GHC 20 before getting to the place and even though that meant a free copy of the album and auto graph signing, people really didn’t get the message clearly. Many thought GHC 20 was only an entry fee before paying for the actual Mary album as well.

Again, EonlineGhana has learned that the maximum amount that is usually charged by event organizers in Tamale were mostly between GHC 10 and GHC 15 making Sarkodie’s entry fee a bit cumbersome for the confused fans.
The people did not see the need to pay that amount just to take pictures with the rapper, buy an album and sign autographs — they wanted value for their money with at least performances to spice up the event.
Also, low publicity could also be attribute to the low turn out of the show. The people of  Tamale have been disappointed in the past, with event organizers promising to bring artist(s) they couldn’t deliver in the end.

Is it that Sarkodie is not so popular in Tamale, or the turnout was due to financial problems of fans? | Sarkodie launches Mary album in Tamale (+Photos)

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