Road To Destiny (Monday 22nd August)

Hello wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Fernanda sleeps and Carlos brings a clock in a form of a violin to place by her side and says to her that as the clock goes by everyday so will his love for her increase no matter how angry she is with him and just when he was about leaving Fernanda wakes up to tell him that, as the clock also goes by everyday so will her anger towards him increase but Carlos thinks she will soon forget the anger because he can’t go on this way because all he asks from her is to forgive him because he really loves her but Fernanda thinks she also love him but now she is going through a though time and can’t be with him because she has many things to face but now all she can offer him is her friendship and Carlos agrees.
Marissa discloses to Pedro about what Luis did and Pedro advises her to follow her heart to make the decision and Marissa tells him that after going through this she actually can tell what Pedro is going through with Amelia and Pedro tells her that she demanded for divorce and as it is it seems everything is through and therefore he has to close the chapter of Amelia from his life and move on and Marissa thinks that Pedro is a wonderful man that she can’t imagine why Amelia or any woman will want a divorce from such a person like him and Pedro says that is life but advises her again that she can also chose to a divorce decision like Amelia’s since she is not happy in the marriage but Marissa says she can’t because she can’t leave her husband though she seems to be a strong woman but in her house she is only a woman full of insecurity and fear.
Luis comes to Don Fernando’s house and after Mariana tells him about the accident he grows so worried and even asks Mariana to take him to see his family and Mariana thinks he sounds so Ridiculous because after abandoning them for 20 whole years he is now acting like he cares about them when the only thing she can say is that he is only expressing interest in Amelia and Daughter all because of the fortune he knows Her father is giving them and Luis thinks she is talking nonsense but Mariana asks him not to try fooling her because if that were so he would have disclosed his personal identity concerning his past relationship to her father but Luis promises to do that very soon but Mariana thinks he wouldn’t have that boldness so he should stop bragging.
Mariana comes to the hospital whiles Amelia is asleep and she speaks to herself that she is going to make sure that she wouldn’t make it alive least to think of coming back home. She tries to strangle her but fortunately for Amelia, nurse barges in and quickly Amelia wakes up and she tells her that their father doesn’t want to see her ever again and even wish her dead and this causes more pain to Amelia.
Luis confronts Pedro to show him where his daughter is because he wants to see her and Amelia but Pedro tells him that he and Amelia agreed and sent her away to a faraway country so he shouldn’t run there demanding for his daughter because she doesn’t belong to anyone like him.
Marissa tries getting the truth from Luis about who she bought the Ruby ring for and he says he bought it for some cheap lady he ones had fun with but she wanted to blackmail him by coming over to tell her that he’s been cheating on her and that is why he got her that ring to get her off his back and he actually used that to convince Marissa and like seriously she believed. But as to the particular woman, he refuses to mention because he tells Marissa that she is of no importance.
Pedro and Fernanda prays and she tells her dad that they will definitely make it through no matter what and Pedro ask if that is a promise and she assures him that of course she promises to always stand by his side no matter what.









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