Road To Destiny (Friday 16th September)

Hello wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Amelia is done with the therapy and she tells Blanca that now the doctors have done their part but it is left on her part to try and walk but Amelia thinks she’s done all she could to try walking but isn’t able to do it and Blanca thinks it is up to her to psych her mind and try to get up from the wheel chair.
Havier blames himself for being responsible for the escape of Pedro but Fer and Rosaura asks him not to blame himself because it was bound to happen since Pedro has always decided to leave therefore they are leaving home to check may be he could be there. In the same vein, Carlos has also arrive at Pedro house to look for him and luckily he bumps into him and Lupe and tells him that he is there to take him back to the hospital but he runs away and quickly Rosaura and Fer arrive and as they were told about Pedro running away, Fer looks around and luckily she sees her but he tells him he won’t go back to that Clinic and he wouldn’t allow Fer also to work at that house again because he wants to look after her.
Lucero tells her mum about her and Diego’s intentions of getting married but her mum tells her that she should see that only in her dreams because as it is she isn’t going to agree to that marriage. So Lucero discloses that to Diego and he asks her if she still intends to marrying him even without her mum’s approval and blessing and Lucero says of course because she wants them to marry and move far away and Diego agrees.
To be able to cover her back so no one discovers that she Mariana was the one who stole her father’s money from the company, she suggests to Henan that she has to get rid of Amelia and her bastard daughter and with that his father will die of a heart attack and that is it, case closed and the enjoyment begins but Henan thinks there are much solutions than being a drastic killer but Mariana says if that isn’t done and Amelia should arrive, they will see under her forever.
Cer visit’s Pedro after hearing about his escape and he tells him that he shouldn’t have run away from the hospital because that will only give people reasons to continue to insinuate that he is actually crazy especially when everyone saw him in that psychiatric dress but Pedro thinks he only did that to save Fer because she seems to be in great danger working in Don Fernando’s house yet Cer thinks that was a wrong move though his intentions are good.
Fer tries convincing his dad to go back to the clinic but he still refuses and fortunately, Dr. Havier arrive to make an agreement with Pedro that if he agrees to go back to the clinic, he is willing to give him a two day off every week only on condition to come back for his therapy and Pedro agrees under one condition that Fer also will refuse not going back to Camila’s house to work again.
Aldonaiz goes to Luis’ office to check if he’s taken all of his things out of the law firm but yet some of the things were there with Luis nowhere to be found and so he took the opportunity to go through some of the files and luckily he comes across the WILL and also the file pertaining the search of Amelia and Fernanda and since he could tell there was something fishy about the whole thing since he though Luis might have a connection with Amelia, he took the two files away to undergo some investigations.
Pedro arrives at the psychiatric clinic with Fer and Havier and he apologizes to Fer for being so aggressive towards her nowadays and all is because he is worried about her but Fer asks him not to worry because she knows that her dad truly loves her no matter what.
Fer arrives at Don Fernando’s house and since Camila is still angry with her for stealing Carlos from her, she goes to speak with his dad to go fire Fer from her job because she can’t stand her anymore because she stole Carlos from her and quickly Henan goes to do that but whiles waiting for her Amelia and Blanca arrive to ask him who he wants to kick out but he grows so speechless. In the same vein, Don Fernando tries advising Fer to forgive Carlos because not forgiving him is also a great mistake and Fer still thinks it’s a bit difficult to her to trust Carlos again. In the act, Blanca goes inside to check on Don Fernando and after he introduced Fernanda to her, she becomes so confused thinking about the name Fernanda Perez and how it sounded like that of Amelia’s child but she again remembers that she and Amelia were told by Mariana and Rosaura that Pedro and her daughter are dead but she wishes that Amelia’s family were alive and not dead so that Amelia will be happy again.














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