Relationship Talk: “My boyfriend's ex is pregnant for him, should I leave?”

Relationship Talk

His family is aware now and everyone is begging me including him. Please what can I do?

Hi Bukky,

I met my boyfriend late November 2016. He told me about his past but I was not that comfortable about his last ex-girlfriend.

Everything between I and my boyfriend went smoothly, he was really there for me. I found my happiness in him, so I introduced him to my family and he did the same.

Both families were in support, I don’t why my spirit keeps talking about my boyfriend’s ex. Some weeks back, a friend of my BF asked me what I would do if I heard that my boyfriend impregnated another girl.

I said I will be mad and leave the relationship. So she opened this bad news to me that my boyfriend’s ex is pregnant for him, but he’s scared to tell me because he might lose me.

His family was not aware of the pregnancy because he broke up with this girl September 2016, and the girl brought pregnancy to him November 2016. So he was confused and it was after then he met me.

According to what his friend told me, he [my BF] made an agreement with the girl’s family that he will take the responsibility for the pregnancy and the baby but he can’t marry her because he has his wife, and he never told his parents or siblings about it.

Bukky now his family is aware and everyone is begging me including him. Please what can I do?

Dear reader,

I think all that matters in this situation is your willingness to go on with the relationship – and in my opinion, if you love him, you should.

Apparently, this is what happened before you both met each other, and he has already announced you as the person he wants to be with. This is just a case of the past catching up with him.

The only thing here is that he is going to have another kid outside your potential marriage. Are you the kind if woman who can deal with this, or are you not cut out for this kind of thing?

If you don’t mind the fact that he has a child with someone else, then you shouldn’t be scared of going on with the relationship. If not, please move on and detach yourself from it if you think it would rob you of your happiness.

In my opinion, dear reader, I think you should continue with the relationship so far you can make him promise you that it is just the baby. All emotional ties with the baby mama needs to be cut off.

If he can assure you of that, I think you should stay with him.

I hope you find true happiness and long-term satisfaction with this decision.

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