Regional interest in Dj Awards increases

Gradually, the organizers of the only award scheme in Ghana for Djs are counting more years and it`s our hope that the scheme stays.
We are praying for a permanent scheme because several awards schemes have come and they are no more. This year`s event which was held at the Silver Star Towers last Saturday saw the creme dela creme of djs in Ghana assembled to witness the event. Though the change of venue in itself does not speak well of the scheme, looking at where it started from and where it is heading makes some people think that it`s not a sign of growth.

We at Flex newspaper were happy over one thing and that is the fact that the rest of the regions are massively participating in the dj awards to our surprise. Unlike other award schemes in Ghana where the participants outside Accra are always lukewarm or not bothered, the just ended Ghana Dj awards saw people from the rest of the regions show maximum interest than even those in Accra.

Their enthusiasm at the awards scheme was very visible as they were seen responding to every activity that was done with their numbers. The noise level became deafening anytime their super stars were called upon to pick up an award. That was a good sign that the awards scheme has been accepted wholeheartedly by the rest of the regions.

It is not too clear what the organizers did right that has brought this love to them but it`s our wish that Merqury Quaye and his people will learn the ways to sustain their interest and with that, they will always look up to awards year in and year out.

Our little advise we can share to motivate the organizers to keep the interest of the scheme among the regions is to periodically organize djs events in these regions to keep them active throughout the year. If the organizers are able to do this, it will be the first awards scheme which started in Accra but would enjoy patronage anywhere it will be organized subsequently. | Credit: Flex Newspaper | Regional interest in Dj Awards increases

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