Quatta lands an ambassadorial deal

One significant thing about Quatta’s come back is the fact that he has refused to change his stage name like some artistes have done.

Meanwhile, his comeback is a very strategic one and arguably one of the greatest comebacks of our time it is of great joy that management will love to announce the present status of “Quatta Budukusu” as the newly assigned celebrity Ambassador for Africa Compassion Network.

Africa Compassion Network is a nonprofit organization formed with the sole aim to aid impoverished children of African schools and societies in a manner that will help them become well grounded and open to opportunities acquired by other children all over the world.

In addition, it is a foundation for Africans all around the continent to come together and make an eminent difference to help the poor children of Africa. Furthermore, it serves as a platform that facilitates the support from compassionate people within Africa and anywhere else in the world that have an interest in the developmental growth of impoverished school children.

Speaking at the launch inside the crown liberty hotel last weekend, Budukusu said that as the Ambassador for the networking of registered members; the aspiration to eradicate the impact of poverty on African A C N. I will do anything in my capacity to push the agenda of the organization by way of involving my fan base and all my various platforms as an artiste.

The mission statement of A C N is to elucidate the aims of the organization through children all over Africa will be made a reality.

“We are on a mission to facilitate the ease of acquiring education with deprived schools by rallying together with a group that shows unity in one cause by lifting up poor children in our Africa communities. And our vision is to bring a well enriched sense of living and opportunity to the young people of impoverished African communities,” it states.

“We envisage an Africa with well balanced, healthily fed and educate children. Through various activities, the organization aims to provide necessities for the underprivileged school children in other for them to achieve desired out comes not only in school but development of their communities and families,” it further states.


EnterGhana.com | Credit: FlexGH | Quatta lands an ambassadorial deal

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