Passion and Power (Wednesday 11th January)

Hello great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Hector now stands in as Erick’s lawyer and he presents Erick’s results to Arturo and Augustin that now Erick now suffers severe injury in his head and he’s now hospitalized because it can compromise his health. Arturo then becomes nervous that Erick might end up sick again due to the beating.
Nina, Regina and Jorge pays a visit to Erick at the hospital and Regina wishes him speedy recovery but he tells her that, she is only saying that so that Miguel will be release soon but he knows she doesn’t love him but Miguel so she should leave him alone and Regina had no choice than to leave.
Arturo visits Erick but he thinks since he never supported him but Miguel, he should leave and Nina wants him to leave because he only came there to hurt Erick more with his words but Arturo tells her that he will go see the doctor to speak with him to know what actually went wrong.
Arturo asks Consuelo if indeed Erick raped her and she confirms it and Arturo says he feels so sorry for her but he prays that Miguel gets out soon from prison so the two of them can be together and Consuelo looks so surprise and Happy but Arturo states that even though everyone finds their love so odd he fully understands they do love each other beyond measure and he is ready to support them.
David presents Daniela to Eladio to assist her so he can give her a therapist to help her deal with her drug situation and Eladio agrees since she is her son’s girlfriend and also his company’s face and Daniela thanked him so much.
Arturo reads in the newspapers “dreadful fight between the Montenegro families” and he becomes so worried. After he tells Lully that she makes sure to follow and monitor Daniela so she never takes in drugs again and Lully pledges her support.
Humberto goes to see Franco to tell him to not play smart because he knows that he’s sold the factory Gabby inherited and Franco becomes shocked and so he asks Humberto his prize to keep silence and Humberto says, he will say nothing to Gabby if only he will also not blow the truth to Eladio that he told Arturo that he was Eladio’s son and also should give him 25% of the amount he got from the selling of the factory and Franco agrees.
Arturo looks so sad about all the problems facing his family and he asks Augustin to tell him where he went wrong in his life because he doesn’t seem to understand anything and Augustin asks him to calm down since everything will be fine.
Marcus goes to buy some of the Gomez Lunas shares and he presents it to Franco and he looks so happy for Marcus effort and he prays that Eladio will continue to feel distracted by Julia’s situation and will used his distraction to convince him to sell of more shares so he could also buy it and set up the office he’s planned and that will make him go far than Eladio in business.
Consuelo pays a visit to Miguel and he thinks’ she should look for someone else to be happy with him but Consuelo says he is her happiness and so no one can take his place.
Consuelo after being told by Augustin that the judge has postponed Miguel’s hearing due to Erick’s situation, she goes to speak with Arturo to transfer all of the shares he gave her and his son into Erick’s name because she can says that is the only way Erick will withdraw the lawsuit but Arturo refuses to do so but will help in any way he can to release Miguel. Nina arrives to tell Consuelo to stop crying on Arturo’s shoulder for help because he has nothing to offer her since lately; he’s been making wrong decision.
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