Passion and Power (Thursday 5th January)

Hello great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Arturo goes to Eladio’s company get the location of where Daniela is having her photo shoot and Caridad attending to him states that he can’t provide him with that and suddenly Arturo’s stomach aches due to his ulcer and Caridad tries to help him and so Caridad calls Regina to inform her about the situation and Regina thanked her for the information.
Regina together with Jorge then go over to check on her father and he tells her it’s his ulcer but he still wants to find out where Daniela is to sort things out with her and so he asks her to call David to know their location to get in touch with Daniela since Daniela’s phone is off.
Caridad states that Eladio keeps on avoiding her so she is never going to pursue on that again but is going to devote her time for Gabby who needs her now and Franco says he still have to pretend to support her in having her fertility test even if he doesn’t want to have children with her. Caridad wonders why he states that and Franco says that is the truth because he doesn’t need any children from Gabby.
Julia goes to speak with Eladio to accept to acknowledge Franco as his own son and give him his last name and Eladio becomes so shocked and asks Julia why she wants him to do it now that they are divorce and she says that time she was very angry but now she is not since her father made her to reason things through but Eladio thinks if that was the idea of Humberto then he can sense something fishy is going on and therefore will investigate because he used to hate Franco very much to even consider things for him now. Julia thinks there is no point doing so and also she pleads that, he doesn’t keep Franco working all night to keep Gabby all alone at night to return home early morning. Eladio then becomes surprised.
Again he tells Julia that the company also belongs to her and therefore shouldn’t think she is of any bother whenever she comes there because a substantial amount of the company shares are for her in case she hasn’t read the divorce assets and Julia looks shocked because she never knew so.
Marcus brings to Franco all the papers for selling Gabby’s Factory to be signed by Franco and Franco congratulates him for good job done and with this he might even make him his right hand man.
Eladio confronts Franco as to why he has to keep on neglecting Gabby to be with Marintia and he tries denying it but Eladio tells him that he shouldn’t try fooling him because he is always a step ahead of him because thanks to Gabby’s credit Julia now wants to agree to let him recognize him and Franco asks if he is willing to do so now that Julia has asked and Eladio says he is still thinking about it but in he is still warning him not to try hurting Gabby.
Nina sends a parcel to Julia in Eladio’s name and upon opening it, she discovers a magazine and in reading and taking a look at the pictures, she sees Eladio and Nina’s picture and she becomes so nervous. She then goes quickly to confront Eladio with the magazine about the pictures and Eladio says she has no reason to question him on which ever woman he will date because now they are no more and Julia takes the magazine from him asking him to enjoy himself.
Arturo also reads this same paper and he thinks it’s sounds so ridiculous and seriously Nina also arrives to check on Arturo since she heard she was sick and Arturo asks her that if she only came there to brag about her secret dinner photos with Eladio he actually careless and Nina says she has no idea about the pictures but she came there to check on him and Arturo thinks it wasn’t necessary and Nina deem it necessary because he doesn’t want her children to be fatherless.
Franco and Marintia together with Angelis go to see the priest to baptize their son and to name him with the name “Franco Matthias Helera”.
Consuelo goes to see the judge with Erick and Augustin to appeal to them to help her gain custody over her son because Erick doesn’t allow her to see him as agreed since he even made her pay for it in a very high cost and that is raping her which Erick denies it.
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