Passion And Power episode 62 (Monday 3rd October)

passion-and-powerHello great people, we are continuing with PASSION & POWER and in today’s episode,
Arturo meets with his shareholders to have a meeting to his surprise Nina arrive to tell them that from now onwards she is going to be part of every meeting since she is also a shareholder and Arturo and all looks surprise but Arturo takes her to his office to ask her if she is trying to do that to that to absurd him for deciding to separate from her but she says all she is trying to do is to take charge of what is hers. Arturo them makes her to understand that she has no idea even about how to manage the shares and she assures him she is willing to learn but Arturo thinks if he wants to fix things between them that is not the way to go about things but all he is asking her is to get prepared because the work is very demanding and Nina says she is ready.
Franco tells Daniela that if David isn’t interested in her then he is willing to make her happy if she accepts to be friend with him because now he is a shareholder in the company but Daniela doubts it but Franco assures her that he will show her the shares documents immediately he gets it.
Regina informs Miguel and Consuelo about seeing David and Daniela and instead of David sending Daniela parking out of the office he rather accepted to take her in to have a talk but they both makes her to understand that she may be exaggerating because David accepting Daniela inside could mean nothing but Regina thinks David looks so weak on that side entertaining Daniela always and if that continues to happen she will lose her faith in him and won’t even be able to trust him again.
Caridad tells Clara that she is really willing to win the love of her son and make him understand what caused her in prison. The point is, he husband went to the United States to work and before that they agreed that he will come pick her also to the place but it was only a dream because she never heard from her husband again after 5yrs she thought her husband died. So, after she met a man she fell madly in love with although he was married but he mentioned to her that he was having some problems with his wife and things weren’t working out and she truly believed in him and alongside she had a son with him and after that he refused to have anything to do with her and then she went back to his wife and she was left alone with her son. After living with her son for 3yrs, her husband came back from the United States and upon knowing that she had a child with another man, he lost his temper and wanted to kill her son and in defending her son, she took a frying pan and hit him on his head and he died but the point is he never meant to kill him.
Caridad and Clara go to check her mother’s body and they looks so sorrowful and Clara thinks upon all the negative behavior from Gisela she was also a huge part of her life.
Julia goes to see her psychologist to tell her about all of her confrontations with Eladio about the DNA Test to prove to Eladio that David is his son and she only did that to let Eladio give David his rightful place in his heart but Eladio got angry about the whole thing. The psychologist then asks her if she is indeed sure she did the DNA Test to just prove that David is Eladio’s son or she just made that to absurd Eladio because the solution she chose was very desperate and Julia thinks she only did that to clear things.
David and Eladio meet with Ashmo on the dam construction project which Arturo has already has proposed partnership with him and so Ashmo made them understand that, someone has already made that proposal but Eladio thinks they are willing to offer more than what the person is willing to give them but Ashmo says his deal with Arturo is confidential and therefore can’t tell him the money he decided to offer him and Eladio then pleads with him also to keep their deal with also in secret as he’s done with Arturo and Ashmo assures them that he is going to get in touch with him and Eladio is sure of winning over Arturo about the partnership and in the same vein, Arturo and Regina also thinks they are also going to win the construction.
Nina meets with Ashmo to tell him about the Gomez Luna’s using of inferior qualities to building the stores in Tabasco and even Santiago wants to even sue them on that for being so inconsiderate about human being but all they think is increasing their profit margins and Ashmo thinks looking at that it means they are incapable of handling quality construction.
Julia asks David about his idea concerning the shares his father gave Franco if he feels so hurt about it but David says he has no reason to be jealous or hurt because all he needs is the love of his father and not money.
Humberto questions Julia if she is going to sit deal without making Eladio change his mind about the 20% shares to Franco as he sees it as very wrong for Franco and David to gain the same shares but Julia says she is never going to do that.
Nina demands that Arturo gives the same shares he gave to Consuelo and Miguel to Regina and Daniela and Arturo says he wants Nina to give them those shares herself since she is the administrator of the family shares and Nina goes speechless.
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