Pangako sa’yo episode 33 (Sunday 13th August)

Eduardo shows up at Amor’s house to ask her about Maria Amor. While Amor warned him about the business club meeting, Eduardo wants answers. “Who’s daughter is Maria Amor?” He asked Amor directly. At Casa Corazon, Claudia keeps calling Eduardo because the party has started but Eduardo keeps turning his phone off. Amor tried to tell Eduardo that the people are waiting for them at Casa Corazon but even when she tried to leave Eduardo insists for her to just answer his question. “Please!” Eduardo begs Amor. Around the corner, Betty Mae and Roma Christy walks looking for Amor. When Amor saw them she tells the two that they should go ahead to Casa Corazon. “I would like to know everything about Maria Amor.” Eduardo demands. Amor gives in. She knew that she is not going to be able to stop Eduardo from wanting to know the truth.

Yna and the Macaspacs are on their way home from an exhausting day. Tatay Isko and Red walked ahead of Nanay Belen and Yna. Nanay Belen told Yna that if she does not want to talk to Angelo about their problem with Claudia that she will talk to him about it. But Yna said that she is already trying to resolve the issue herself. Suddenly Yna and Nanay Belen were surprised when they found Tatay Isko fighting with a person in the middle of the street. Nanay Belen and Yna ran to Tatay Isko to settle him down. Nanay Belen assumed Tatay Isko is still upset with Claudia that he took it out on the person on the street.

At Casa Corazon Betty Mae and Roma Christy arrived. Angelo greeted them asking where is Miss Powers? Betty Mae told Angelo that Amor is on her way and that his father already picked her up. Claudia overheard what Betty Mae said and immediately interrupted to ask why Eduardo needed to pick up Amor? “It seemed that they had something important to talk about the campaign.” Roma Christy replied. “Important? And they couldn’t wait to talk about it when they get here?” Claudia reacts. Betty Mae could tell Claudia is attacking them so she told Claudia to ask her husband that question. Claudia was left without a choice. She dialed Eduardo’s number but he has conveniently turned off his phone.

“Are you your daughter Mary Amor?” Eduardo asked Amor. She turned around and faced Eduardo. “Yes, my daughter is Maria Amor.” Amor replied. “Who is the Father?” He asked. Amor held back her emotions and swallowed before she answered. “You” Amor replied faintly. “I did not know why?” Eduardo asked “Did you drive me out?” Amor reminded him.

“You know, then, when you came to me, you must say to me.” Eduardo said. “Do not you believe me? And tell your brother what I’m doing? Eduardo when I say something will change?” Amor asked in return. Eduardo thought about it for a moment. He had to go back in time to answer that question. In his heart, he knows what he feels. “Yes there is.” Eduardo replied carefully … slowly. “Is she happy?” Eduardo asked. He is desperate to know his daughter. Amor could feel Eduardo’s heart. She had to look a different direction not wanting to get carried away. Eduardo took one step toward her as he asked … “Who is he like? You or Me?” Amor may have felt that it is not useful to talk about their daughter this time.

But Eduardo never stopped staring at Amor. He felt the pain in his heart, the regret, the sorrow, the loneliness and the love. He held Amor’s beautiful face in the palms of his hand…so she could see, so she could feel…until he broke down embracing Amor. He held her tightly, never wanting to let go. Amor begs Eduardo. She squirms her way out of his strong embrace. Amor pushes Eduardo. “Bakit ngayon lang?” Eduardo asked Amor. “Ano bang gusto mong mangyari? Eduardo patay na ang anak ko.” Amor screamed. “Wala na tayong magagawa sa nakaraan. Kaya kung pwede lang umalis ka na.” Amor added. She is not going to play out all her cards. She is going to keep her emotions in check. She opens the door behind him and orders him to leave. Eduardo walks out the door and when he faces her, she closes the door.

Then…and only then did Amor deflate and let out her emotions. She was crying so much her knees buckled as she ended up sitting on the floor weeping. Out in the car Eduardo stares back at Amor’s house. He too couldn’t stop crying. He told himself how dumb he is for letting go of the woman he loves at the time when she needed him the most, carrying his child. There is so much pain in his heart…the regret is killing him inside. He felt helpless against time.

At the business club meeting party, Claudia is desperate asking Roma Christy where Amor is? Roma tells her Amor’s phone is unavailable. Even Leonora was trying to find out what happened instructing her man to be sure to show the pictures only when Eduardo and Amor is already present. She wants them to be embarrassed in front of all the influential bigwigs of Punta Verde. Boborol warns Leonora to be sure to execute their plan. At the venue…Claudia gets up to the podium to apologize for the delay of the appearance of Eduardo. She has nothing else to do but cover up for Eduardo.

While Yna prepares for the cook off event in school the following day, Red happen to be doing his homework. He asked Yna a question about his homework that has something to do with the word forget. When Yna asked Red to explain what that is, Red mentions Tatay Isko in reference to the word forget. Yna could feel that Red is noticing so when she asked Red, he told her that Tatay Isko told him it is their secret if he forgets something. This is planting a seed in Yna’s mind about her father’s condition.

Needless to say, Eduardo left Amor’s house devastated and emotional. Amor is in her room crying in a fetal position saddened by the memory of what just happened a few minutes ago. Remembering the pain she saw in Eduardo and how despairing it is that they couldn’t bring back time and change the events. Since the return of Amor to Punta Verde, Eduardo has decided not to drink alcohol anymore but tonight, his emotional condition brought him to the state of drinking once again. He carries with him an empty bottle of booze he has already consumed.

At the bar, he leaned over barely able to stand on his own two feet. Claudia came down the stars asking him where he came from? “Where did you and Amor go?” She asked. He looked away and didn’t reply. Claudia said that he made her look stupid in front of business people she invited. She didn’t know what to say. Although Eduardo didn’t want to say anything he knew he had to answer Claudia because she isn’t going to stop. “Did you really have the gall to enjoy yourself?” Claudia accused Eduardo. But Eduardo’s reply is something she isn’t ready to hear. “Amor and I had a child together.” Eduardo said.Eduardo told Claudia that he got Amor pregnant and she had the baby but that the baby died during the Talimpao tragedy. Claudia at first didn’t believe him. She said this is all a joke. Why would Amor wait this long to tell him? Eduardo said that is because he forced her to. After he saw that name Maria Amor de Jesus at the Talimpao shrine he started to wonder. He had it investigated until Yna told him. That name stings Claudia. She tried to cast doubt in Eduardo’s mind but Eduardo told her how Yna knows. He said that Amor once told Yna she had a daughter and Amor confirmed that he is the father. Claudia’s was devastated….not sure if she felt bad for herself or for Eduardo. She asked him if he believed Yna? Eduardo said he did because he could feel it. In fact he already knew before Amor even admitted to him. “Alright. Believe yourself. You are the child’s father. I will give you all the time in the world to mourn but you could no longer do anything because the child is dead and there is nothing more that is going to connect you to Amor.” Claudia said sounding hateful.

Angelo went to see Yna. After a long day of preparing Casa for the event tonight, his father didn’t show up. He told Yna that Eduardo and Amor are together and both of them didn’t show up. He told her that he couldn’t help but think badly. Angelo apologized to Yna having come to see her but all they could think about is the negative things that happened. He asked Yna to tell him about her day…her school. Yna told Angelo that tomorrow is the cook off for her scholarship. Angelo told Yna that he is confident with her ability.

This time, Betty Mae also made it home from Casa Corazon. She found Amor in her room, no longer dressed but still emotional. She asked her what happened? She wondered if Amor and Eduardo had a fight? But Amor denied it. She told her that Eduardo found out that they had a child. Betty Mae’s first question is whether Eduardo believed her? She said yes he did. He didn’t even question it. She also saw in his eyes not only shock but real sadness…real sorrow. She wanted to hold him and embrace him tightly….and pray that even for one split second, for a short moment…they could go back in time so he could meet or see our daughter. Amor regrets it. She knows in her heart they loved each other. She told Betty Mae that she could no longer count how many times she’s asked the Lord why this has to happen to them? She feels sad and painful. But Amor wiped the tears from her eyes and thought…”What is the use? I could cry buckets of tears, but I will never be able to bring back the life of my daughter.” That is the painful truth that Amor has to accept.

Angelo fell asleep while he waited for Yna. She brought him a pillow and a blanket. But when Nanay Belen came out and saw him, she woke Angelo up and told him it is time to go home.

Claudia ended up with Simon once again. She is feeling badly for herself asking Simon whether Eduardo wept for her like he did for Amor? She wondered whether her husband ever felt the pain of love for her?

Simon consoled Claudia. He told her that her children are grown now and he thinks they will understand if she and Eduardo love other people. He is encouraging Claudia to run off with him. But Claudia said she couldn’t do it just yet and insists that there will be time for him and her later when they could build a life together. She just wants him not to get tired of loving her.

The following day, at the Buenavistas, Lia asked Angelo if he knew where her mother was all night because she never came home and her father is still in their room. She thinks her mom and dad had a fight again.At Buena Corp, Alta follows Claudia down the hall. Claudia tells Alta to cancel all her appointments for today except for the event at Yna’s school. The cook off which Claudia is supposed to be one of the judges


Yna prepares for the cook off at school today. The entire Macaspac family is backing her up and cheering for her success. They know Yna is a good cook and they are sure that everyone will not be able to resist her cooking. Yna vows that this contest is not only for her continued scholarship but also for her family who stands firmly by her and supports all her endeavors. In fact even Angelo is sure she will be successful.

At the cook off….Yna was full of hope. She knows she has the ability. She was confident until they introduced the panel of judges which includes Claudia Yna’s bubble was deflated. She could already tell this is not going to be good. Her confidence is now shot and she became worried. While the others are being told to acknowledge Claudia, Yna couldn’t even look up.At first chance she got, Claudia made sure Yna knows her scholarship is in Claudia’s hands. Yna felt like crying. She felt defeated.

Angelo goes to see Eduardo who is alone in his room. He is still grieving over the thought of Maria Amor. Angelo asked him why he did not show up to the gathering while he knew Eduardo was with Amor. Eduardo explained to Angelo that he talked to Amor about their daughter who died at the Talimpao tragedy. He told Angelo that she happened during the time that him and Amor were so madly in love with each other. It was the time when everyone was against their relationship and he fought for Amor. Eduardo knew it was a fight that he couldn’t win. They separated and Amor hid the truth about the baby. Angelo asked him if he really believed Amor insisting that she made up lies and even accused Diego of wrong doing.Angelo asked Eduardo if he really love Amor to believe her? “But son…that is irrelevant.” Eduardo replied. He tells him that he is now married to his mother. Although Eduardo admits that when they got married he and Claudia didn’t love each other. They both knew it. Angelo asked his father if he loves his mother now? Eduardo couldn’t answer him. Truthfully Eduardo wanted to be honest. He admits he is not a good husband to Claudia and that he tried his best but it is only because of Angelo and Lia that he remained in the marriage. He said it was his children who made him keep going in life. Then he asked his son to please understand what he is going through.

At the cook off, Claudia and the other judges walk around every work station and watch and taste the dish that each contestant cooked. As usual, Claudia was obviously liking all the other dishes except for Yna’s. She even made sure she threw her fork to the table as if Yna’s dish is mud. Yna turned around knowing no matter what she does, she isn’t going to get a favorable review from Claudia because she does not fight fair. After the taste testing, the teacher thanked Claudia for coming. Claudia made sure she reminded her that she is a huge contributor to the school funds. Of course this is going to add more pressure to the school to follow Claudia.

After Claudia left, the school representatives informed Yna that they could no longer continue her scholarship. Yna knew it isn’t the school’s decision but rather Claudia’s. She hurried to run after Claudia. When she caught up with her at the hallway of the school Yna begged Claudia not to do this to her. Claudia told her not to be too dramatic. “I beg you to please not take everything away from me.” Yna cried. “Do you think you lost because I ordered it? You lost your scholarship because I didn’t like your cooking.” Claudia replied. Then she asked her if she is crying? She told Yna she thought something was on her eye.

At the headquarters, the Buenavistas were busy gearing up for another day of campaign. A reporter was asking Angelo if he is going to run for office later but Angelo answered that he has no plans. Inside the room, he eavesdropped at the conversation of Eduardo and Claudia. Eduardo attempted to apologize for what he told her last night but Claudia immediately replied. “Don’t worry about it Eduardo. This is not the first time we had a fight before. I am just going to pretend that I never knew you had a child with Amor. What is important is for you to win this campaign so that you will be to my favor.” Claudia said. Eduardo didn’t respond. It is better that he does not answer Claudia besides Mark told them they had to go.

Yna made it to the wet market. She is trying to figure out a way to tell her family what happened at the cook off when she was startled at the sight of Tatay Isko and Nanay Belen trying to stop three men from closing down their space. Yna tried to explain and asked the men not to do this to them.

At the same time, the Buenavista campaign arrived at the market led by Claudia, Angelo and Eduardo. When Nanay Belen saw the campaign and Claudia standing there, she ran toward Claudia and attacked her pulling her hair. Claudia of course, the palengkera that she is, attacked back. There was a big commotion that got Yna’s attention. She immediately went to help her mother. Angelo was trying to stop the fight as well but Eduardo’s body guards stopped him. When Claudia saw Yna and Nanay Belen was being held back by security, Claudia started to attack Yna pulling and dragging her by her hair. Yna was down on the ground begging her mother and Claudia to stop fighting.

Next thing you know, Tatay Isko got in the middle of the fight and with him being unsteady on his feet with crutches, he lost his balance, hit his head on one of the market tables and fell on the ground bleeding. Tatay Isko lost conciousness. Yna cried for help for Tatay Isko while Nanay Belen is getting carded off to jail on Claudia’s orders.

Amor heard the news about the commotion at the market seeing Nanay Belen in a fight with Claudia and Yna aiding her mother. The news caster is also broadcasting that this is happening at the Governor’s campaign. Meanwhile, at the Boborol headquarters, he is asking Leonora to release the photos that they are itching to let out but Leonora told Boborol to wait for the most opportune time. Meanwhile, another crony came to tell them they just found something that is more current and more interesting.

While Nanay Belen begs the jailers to let her go so she could look after her husband, a bloody Yna rushed Tatay Isko to the hospital; frantic and speaking to Tatay Isko telling him to be strong and that she is waiting for him out there.

Eduardo and Angelo manage to get Claudia out of the market and back to their campaign trailer. They brought her straight to the room where both Eduardo followed her. Outside the room, Angelo called Takong asking him to please check up on Yna. Angelo told Takong he doesn’t really know what happened. Inside the room Eduardo asked Claudia what happened but before she could talk she ordered everyone out of the room first. That is when Angelo joined his parents inside the room.

At the hospital, Yna watches Tatay Isko being treated by hospital staff. She is crying and feeling bad for Tatay Isko.

At the headquarters, both Angelo and Eduardo ask Claudia what she did? Eduardo know Belen would never attack Claudia unless she did something to them. But Claudia accused Belen of being a crazy woman instead. Claudia insists that she attacked her for no reason and that she deserves to rot in jail.But Eduardo and Angelo are both not buying it. Claudia stands up. “What is this? I am wrong again? I am at fault?” She rants back at them. “And you are not going to ask me how I feel?” She added.Claudia does not get any sympathy from Eduardo and Angelo. In fact, Angelo has daggers coming out of his eyes and smoke out of his nose. He is pissed! “What is it that you did Ma?” Angelo asked. Claudia lies to her teeth. She claims she didn’t do anything. She is simply campaigning for Eduardo,, for Angelo and for their family. But Angelo retaliates. He told his mother that if she didn’t do anything, Nanay Belen would have never got mad at her. “If she didn’t hurt me, we would not be here arguing.” Claudia insist. “But why did she hurt you Ma? I am sure there is a reason.” Angelo’s voice got louder. Claudia continued to deny any wrong doing. She insisted it was Nanay Belen who started it first. She told Angelo and Eduardo not to gang up on her.”Did you see what happened to Tatay Isko Ma? And you are still going to throw Nanay Belen in jail?” Angelo told his mother. “If Yna’s entire family dies I don’t care.” Claudia screams back at Angelo.Eduardo iterrupts telling Angelo he will take care of Nanay Belen so she could get out of jail. But Claudia yells at Eduardo. “No!” she shouts. “You are not going to do anything. It just serves her right to rot in jail. Both of you will be in trouble with me if you do something to let go of that woman from jail.” Claudia warned them.
 | Pangako sa’yo episode 33 (Sunday 13th August)

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