Pangako sa’yo episode 32 (Saturday 12th August)

Once again, Lia walks in hearing her parents fight. Eduardo went to console his daughter knowing this is not the first time she hears them argue about Amor.

Amor seemed inspired to cook probably because of all the mention about her cooking at the baptism. She adds a touch of seasoning to the vegetable dish that her house helpers were cooking. When Betty Mae sees what she is doing, Betty Mae teases her singing the theme song of Amor and Eduardo. At the city, Yna and Angelo is still looking for Tatay Isko deciding that if they still have not seen Tatay I within an hour, they should ask for help from Eduardo. At the market, Caloy and Nanay B walk and ask around for Tatay I. But they are unsuccessful. Caloy is getting impatient but couldn’t leave his mother alone.

Meanwhile Tatay Isko continues to walk the street knowing that remembering who he is and his immediate family is the only way home for him. He hovered and took tiny steps forward remembering his name, his wife’s name, and his children. Suddenly, everything seem to come back to Tatay.

The Macaspac family with Angelo came back to the Carinderia feeling helpless for not finding Tatay Isko until he turned the corner and called for Nanay Belen. Red ran to his father. The whole family embraced him. They are so happy to see him. Even Tatay Isko is happy to have found his way home. He asked for a glass of water. Tatay Isko said he went to look for a job. But he fell asleep on the jeep and missed his stop. He said when he got off the jeep, he fell in the mud but a couple of neighbors helped him. He got to talking with them and forgot about the time that it was getting late. Caloy was complaining that he made them worry but Nanay B stopped him and said that Tatay Isko is not going to do that again. But Tatay couldn’t promise it. He said if he forgets again for Nanay Belen to take care of the family and to remember that he loves them all so very much. Tatay said that if he would be lost again, he will always come back for them.

Amor couldn’t sleep. She is thinking of Eduardo and remembering their afternoon together at the baptism. Eduardo stayed awake as well thinking of Amor. Obviously these two are so connected more than they ever know. Their hearts speak to one another and their minds do not forget. Betty Mae comes in to Amor’s room seeing her still up. She continues to tease Amor like old times. The song just wouldn’t escape her mind. She sings and hums the song on her way out of Amor’s bedroom.

Yna is feeling relieved that Tatay Isko is back and ok now so before Angelo left she asked him why he appears to be upset about something to a point he was rude to Miss Amor. Angelo admitted to Yna it is Miss Amor that is making him upset. He tells Yna he remembers when he was young that Eduardo had an affair with a woman that looks like Amor. He now knows that Eduardo loved Amor more than he loves his mother. Yna told him that was a long time ago and they are no longer living in the same world. But Angelo insisted. Yna then told him that it is all in his mind. She did all she could for him to take that thought out of his mind.

The following day, Amor is scheduled to go to the orphanage. It must be the first Wednesday of the month. It is where Eduardo is this time every month. He got to the orphanage first. When Mark called him to tell him they are going to follow him at the orphanage, Eduardo told him not to do that because this is his own time. Not even a send after his conversation with Mark, Amor arrived. The children all gathered around her excited to see her. Eduardo was just as excited as the kids. “It’s nice to see you here again.” Eduardo said.

Angelo took Takong with him to the wet market to buy ingredients for the Casa kitchen but Angelo wants to stop by at Yna’s Carinderia to surprise her. He thought of getting her a shirt that says Yna’s Eatery. After they ordered the shirts, Takong and Angelo went to the Carinderia equipped with Yna’s own banner for the eatery. But it was only Nanay Belen that they found there because Yna is in school. The two installed the banner for Yna. The eatery is looking legit.

Pero bitin ang kilig kay Yna at Angelo kasi wala si Yna. Balik tayo sa orphanage. Doon may sandamakmak na kiligan. Amor asked the kids what kind of merienda doe they want? Cake or Ice Cream…of course they want both. Then she asked them what activities do they have planned for the day? The kids scrambled because they didn’t seem to have planned anything specific. That is when Eduardo interrupted. He said he has an activity for everyone. He pulled from both pockets of his pants a handful of candies and tossed it out to the kids who then started moving fast to get a piece of the candy on the floor.

Amor in the midst of the kids got off balance and almost fell but Eduardo was fast to catch her. And this would not be a teleserye if the directors didn’t yell FREEZE while Amor is on Eduardo’s .Eduardo asks Amor if she is ok after he helped her up. Amor kept her poise. “yes I am ok and thank you.” She replied.

Amor said goodbye to the kids who are still eating their merienda inside the room. Eduardo waits outside the door for her. He started small talk with Amor as if he wants time to stand still…to give him a moment with her. He told Amor that it feels good to see the kids because it reminds him how simple a child’s life is. No pressure, no problems, no worries. “Their only problem is Math.” Amor replied. Eduardo smiled and agreed. “And science.” He said. Amor said Science is her favorite but Math is always challenging for her. “Why Math? Is it because you are always looking for the X?” Eduardo said. Amor looked at him and Eduardo felt a little self conscious. He explained further that every Math equation seem to always be looking for either the X the Y or the Z. But Eduardo tried to be funny when he said the X seem to always be missing. “If you and me stayed together, the X would always be found.” Eduardo said. Amor was surprised at what he said but she just allowed him to talk.

Then suddenly he became serious. “Do you think that if we ended up together our lives would be different?” He asked. “Of course.” Amor replied. “If you and me ended up together you’d be president by now.” Amor said with a smile. And she followed it up with…”I’m just kidding.” Eduardo smiled. “If we ended up together, you would be a pilot to your own jet by now.” Amor replied. Eduardo was surprised she still remembered. Amor said that was his dream. Then it is Eduardo’s turn. He said that if they ended up together, their life would be simple. amor would have a family restaurant and she wouldn’t do anything else but cook and cook for him and their kids. “Kids?” Amor asked. Eduardo thought three to be exact. Amor didn’t say anything. Her mind is imagining life with Eduardo. But Eduardo wasn’t done yet. “You know seeing you with the children…it seems so natural.” Eduardo said. Amor smiled. “You would have made a good Mom.” He added. Amor was saddened at what he said. She looked away. “I know.” she replied. “If we have a daughter together, what name would you give her?” Eduardo asked. Amor was caught off guard. This is too close to reality she didn’t know how to answer Eduardo. He was tongue tied for a minute until she let out all the air stuck in her throat. She told Eduardo she had to go. “It was nice seeing you Governor.” Amor said. She knew she had to leave very quickly because she is about to blow her cover. This conversation feels so great but yet it feels painful. “So soon?” Eduardo replied. He doesn’t want to stop dreaming his thoughts….his wants….the fulfillment of a life with Amor even just in his dreams. To be able to talk about it with her made him feel so much better….a glimmer of hope. She turns around and leaves and Eduardo is left behind to savor this time with Amor.

At the school, Yna was called by the Dean to his office. He told her that she is the best in her class however a couple of her teachers are complaining that she is always late and absent oftentimes. Yna apologized to the Dean. She told him she had some family problems but that she has since fixed it. She promised to have better attendance for the rest of the semester. The Dean told her that he wants her to do more than promises. He wants her to compete with other students in a cooking contest. Yna is up to it and took on the challenge.

Having had that conversation with Eduardo, Amor is saddened and compelled to visit the Talimpao Memorial. There, once again, Amor relieved the pain of losing her family and most specially Maria Amor. She runs her fingers through the list of names of her family members and naturally her fingers stop at Maria Amor’s name. She wept as she almost always does. But there was an unexpected person at the park this time. It was Eduardo. He saw her from afar looking at the names of her family. He got out of his car and at the same time, Amor could sense someone just arrived. She turned around and saw Eduardo. She wiped the tears from her face and stared back at him.

The two started to walk toward each other. This time there was no smile or happiness in Amor’s face. Eduardo felt he wants to comfort her but he just doesn’t know how. When she looked down to proceed walking he met her halfway. He wanted so much to take her in his arms but for Amor and Eduardo it was enough that her shoulder touched his. They didn’t say a word to each other but they could feel their eyes were talking and their hearts are reaching out to one another. Their world of reality is here.


Eduardo and Amor accidentally meet up at the Talimpao Memorial. In the middle of the walkway, Amor and Eduardo bump into each other; they paused for a moment. In silence they felt each other’s presence. No words were said. No need to. Amor is clearly still saddened by the loss of her entire family in this very site and Eduardo’s attendance is to pay respect to the victims. Amor moved swiftly to walk away back to her car. Eduardo proceeded to walk toward the stone list of names of the victims. He started from the top scrolling to the middle of the first block. And there he saw the names of Amor’s family. He had them all in his memory…the way they smiled, the way they looked. But there was one name on the list that he has never heard before. De Jesus, Ma. Amor…..Suddenly he remembered the last time before they broke up Amor begging him to ask her, begging him to listen to her and then he remembered his question to Amor just yesterday. “If we had a daughter, what would you name her?” Amor avoided answering the question. Now this name is staring at him. Who is Maria Amor? He turned to look for Amor but her car just pulled away.

Angelo goes to the market with his corny hirit.
On his way home, Eduardo is confused thinking who is Maria Amor while Amor is at home feeling sad about the sequence of events with Eduardo; now seeing him at the Talimpao Memorial. Their lives too close for comfort. When Betty Mae saw her crying, she gave her a hug and asked her what happened? “Everyday I tell myself…why can’t I just forget everything? Why is it so hard not to be hurt anymore? Even if at times I just want to give up, but I still couldn’t forgive them because it is still here. The pain is still all here.” Amor wept.

Eduardo talks to Inspector Manansala to gather all the information he could get about a certain Maria Amor de Jesus. The inspector asked if it is just a coincidence this person’s last name is the same as Amor’s maiden name? Eduardo suspects they are connected. The Inspector asked if he needed this information for campaign purposes and if he has a deadline? Eduardo tells him this is a personal matter and that he needed the information as soon as possible.

At the market, Tatay Isko is quietly sitting there just staring at nowhere. When Yna came to sit with him, he looked at her beautiful face comparing it to Nanay Belen and him telling Yna how proud he is of her. He begs Yna never to forget him when she becomes successful in life. Yna told him she will never forget him because she loves him very much. Yna kissed Tatay Isko in the forehead while she he embraced Yna back. While these two are having their moment, Yna told Tatay that when he was lost, she thought he went to Amor’s house to tell her about Yna’s secret. She said she knows Tatay Isko and he does not like for someone to be at a disadvantage. Yna asked her father not to tell Amor because she does not want to add anymore problems for Angelo. But he promised her he will not give her anything to worry about.

Why are you jelling jelling on Eduardo? Grabe naman. He is beginning to do things that are not part of Amor’s plans to destroy Eduardo. In the end when they find out he is doing all this, he will point the finger at Amor. Meanwhile, Boborol is upset. His plan to destroy Eduardo failed. Instead Eduardo came out smelling like a rose because his ex girlfriend defended him. Boborol vows to destroy Eduardo whatever it takes even if he had to use his kids or Claudia. Leonora told him Claudia is a snake and eventually she will leave a trail.

Amor is disgusted with the headlines about her and Eduardo. She asked Roma if the story is from their people. Roma said no. Roma also said that since there is a controversy from the kick off, Mark thinks it is a good idea to feed information to the media to make an even louder noise about Amor, Eduardo and the alleged affair. Mark suggested to give this information to the Boborol camp to use against the Governor. Amor is visibly upset. “Tell Mark, It was my instruction to taint the governor’s reputation but not to feed my life to the wolves.” Amor said.

Roma met up with Mark and he was surprised that Amor didn’t want any of the pictures at the baptism to be used. Roma told him he is getting out of hand in making his own decision. Amor does not like it. Mark told Roma he is just trying to help her because she moves ahead one day, the next day she pulls back. According to Mark this is the opportune time because there are hot issues out in the open. Mark thinks Amor changed her mind and no longer want to destroy Eduardo. Roma told him she does not know but suggested that he should just follow what Amor wants.

Claudia meets with her cronies talking about Eduardo’s apparent sure win having him leading more than half of the votes over Boborol. In the middle of this meeting, Alta is interrupting to tell her that what she ordered to be done at the wet market has been accomplished. Claudia does not even remember what she ordered and instructed Alta to just take care of it.

Sure enough, here comes the Palenke land lady telling the Macaspac family to leave giving them back their deposit money. No real reason except she is having a hard time getting permits from the capitol. They have until tomorrow to

Finally Yna is compelled to fight back since they are in the right. She told Nanay that she is not going to allow them to just treat her Eatery like trash. She said she will do something so that the owner could not stop them from opening the eatery following day.

While Boborol is upset with his campaign Managers after finding out that he is losing by more than half the votes, there is an envelope from Mark that arrived with photos of Eduardo with other women. Leonora thought there is an angel in the sky trying to help them. Mark may have not used Amor in the smear campaign but he still proceed on destroying Eduardo.

Eduardo is on his way to an interview when Claudia phoned him. She told him she is going to follow him at the interview venue she is just busy planning the menu for the gathering with the business club who they finally reached. Eduardo asked her if the interview questions she emailed him are all the questions they are going to ask? Claudia told him that he better be ready to answer any new or random questions they might ask him and that he better not say anything that is going to ruin his reputation specially he is being interviewed along with Amor.

Yna prepares to talk to Claudia taking Takong with her. “I like this….Palaban. One on one with the monster in law.” Takong said. Yna told him she just wants to talk to her and she wants someone to go with her. But of course, Takong is up to it. However, he thought that Yna should tell Angelo first about her issue with Claudia but Yna insisted that Claudia’s problem is her so she will face Claudia. Game on! (Go Yna Go!)

At the hotel venue, Eduardo arrived first (without Mark). Right after Amor’s car pulled in. When she saw Eduardo, she took a second to take a deep breath. She appears to be a lot less confident than usual. But she got out of the car and her and Eduardo were cordial to each other. She addressed him as Governor Buenavista. She thought Eduardo might be used to these types of interview? Eduardo said that he is still nervous from time to time. He asked Amor if she is going to answer all the questions? Amor said it depends. Eduardo was about to tell her something about the incident in Talimpao… but they were interrupted by the crew telling them that the interviewer is ready to proceed. The two walked inside.

Mr. P calls up Claudia not happy with Eduardo getting re-elected but as usual Claudia assures him that because they are partnering with Amor, Eduardo is going to be a non issue. She assures him that all his smuggling plans are all going to happen except she needs some more money to make that work. Mr. P is willing to give Claudia all the dirty money she wants. As expected, Yna has no schedule with Claudia so they are not willing to let her in to see Claudia but Yna begged the receptionist. Alta tells Claudia that Yna is downstairs asking to see her even just for a short while. Claudia didn’t answer.

Eduardo and Amor sat next to each other in front of the reporter. She said the reader’s most favorite part is what they call “Elephant in the Room”. Since Amor answered the question at the campaign kick off, she didn’t need to ask whether they were an item once before? Eduardo glanced at Amor. But the interviewer’s question is….what are the qualities that you loved about each other before? Amor felt a little uncomfortable because that was not one of the questions they sent to Amor. But Eduardo was ready to answer. “it’s Ok. I’ll be the first one to answer.” Eduardo started. “Back then, it wasn’t Amor Powers. She was Amor de Jesus and it was her simplicity…a person full of hope and positive energy. She resembled the dish that was her specialty at that time. It is called Binalayok. And it takes a long time to prepare the dish and just like Amor, she’s a shy person at first but once you get to know her you realize that she is very much worth the effort and the wait.” Eduardo had a lot to say about Amor and with every word, he would look at her as if he is looking at her for the first time again. He continued to tell the interviewer the story when him and Amor got stuck in the elevator and Amor had an attack of claustrophobia. He told her that she cried and cried while Eduardo was panicked and didn’t know what to do. He decided to sing her the nursery rhyme Tong Tong Tong Tong Pakitong Kitong! The interviewer was giddy about Eduardo’s story, Eduardo laughed and Amor smiled but it didn’t end there. “You know I love the fact that she was able to give her full trust to another person. It says a lot about her willingness to give her heart to the person she loves.” Eduardo said staring at Amor. By this time, Amor stared back at him. Once again their eyes speak to one another what their mouths couldn’t say.


 | Pangako sa’yo episode 32 (Saturday 12th August)

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