OUTsurance In Trouble For Only Liking White People

It was a pretty average Father’s Day for the team at OUTsurance, forced to backpedal after an ad posted to social media caused outrage.

Posted to Twitter and Facebook, and since deleted from both, the ad featured mostly white fathers alongside only one black father.

This led to the inevitable apology tweeted out yesterday afternoon:

The replies to that tweet tell their own story:

OUTsurance’s Peter Cronje speaking to EWN:

We retracted the post and issued an apology because when it was compiled it did not have an appropriate demographic representation. It wasn’t screened by an executive so we will have to make sure in future that we screen them as we screen our TV commercials.

I tell you what hasn’t aged well – these ads:

Best be sure before you sign off on an ad these days, because social media won’t let you drop the ball.


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