Opinion Poll: What should a guy’s salary be before considering marriage? [Video]

What should a guy's salary be before considering marriage?

In your opinion, what should that amount be?

I recently read a tweet from a young man who was seeking a romantic relationship with any interested lady.

He put himself out there, stating everything –  from his hobbies, what he expects in a girlfriend, and he also added the amount he earns monthly – #50k.

That whipped up a storm of opinions; with some, mostly ladies, claiming that anyone earning #50 should not even be thinking of having a girlfriend.

Of course, Twitter standards are usually irrelevant in real life and are often seemingly conjured with the expectation that they’ll apply in an alternate reality different from the one we all live in.


Nonetheless, that conversation is similar to the one at hand here:

how much does a man have to earn monthly before he qualifies to think of marriage?”

As outlandishly impossible as it sounds, there are reports of people who earn as little as 25k and have families, while some men won’t even think of girlfriend, let alone wife on their #100k monthly wage.

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Each of these decisions has its merit and demerit. The man who starts a family on a wage as low as #25k is probably able to do so because of his location and the cost of living there [Anywhere outside Lagos, Abuja and other major cities are relatively cheap to live in.]


Likewise, he could have a wife who earns substantially more and has no qualms with footing most of the bills the family accrues.

On the other hand, the guy who feels financially unprepared regardless of his #100k wage could be driven entirely by a desire to be responsible for his family and the possibility of falling short could be far scarier for him than it is for the other guys.

Whatever the case, everyone has an opinion on salary that’s too small and one that’s considered ideal before a guy begins to think of marriage.

In your opinion, what should that amount be? Let’s know in the poll below:

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