Obaapa Christy denies ever getting remarried

I’m not married: Says Obaapa ChristyGospel musician Obaapa Christy has rubbished rumors that she got remarried, after her marriage to Pastor Love of Life Power Miracle Church ended in 2011. She ended up facing major criticism last year after rumors of her tying the knot again surfaced.

During an interview with Showbiz, Obaapa Christy told them; “I am not married”, she simply stated.

According to Obaapa Christy, who launched her latest album, Hyebre Sesafo, last month, her only mission at this moment is to work on her brand and career which took a nosedive after her marital problems.

“Many people would fail or give up in life if they ever walked a mile through the troubles I have encountered in life. Some may even commit suicide but that isn’t what I believe in. My strength all these years has been that, there is a God I know who won’t forsake me in my difficult times”, a confident Obaapa told Showbiz.



EnterGhana.com | Obaapa Christy denies ever getting remarried

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