My Organs & Womb Are In Great Condition” – Curvaceous Ghanaian Actress Princess Shyngle (PHOTOS)

687691378_627891Ghanaian actress Princess Shyngle has a curvaceous body that she loves to flaunt!

She proudly admits to gaining her figure thanks to ‘waist training’, which involves wearing body shapers/corsets for hours everyday – while sleeping, working out etc.

Today she addressed her decision on her IG page, and people who say it’s destroying her organs,

I wana make something very clear to ya’ll i don’t beg or force anyone to waist train. Its all up to you if you choose to buy a waist trainer n waist train. i do it cuz i want to, and all of ya’ll saying am damaging ma organs and my womb well just want ya’ll to know dat ma organs and womb are in great conditions dont want anyone saying they waist training cuz of me, do it cuz u want to i will advice you go get an advice from your doctor be4 u start waist training, i did da same n waist training don’t affect me in anyway so the choice is urs ;)”911574256_752953


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