My Career Comes Before My Relationship – Niniola

IBAI crooner, Niniola, has opened up on her relationship and justhow important it is to her.
Speaking with Saturday Beats, the singer said:

“I am currently in a relationship and I am dating someone. I have been dating for a while now. It has been perfect coping with my career and relationship and I have had no problems whatsoever. My partner dare not tell me to choose between him and my career because he knows he would lose out,” she said.

On handling advances from men:

“You would hardly see me outside my house unless I have an event or a performance. So, how would men have the opportunity to come and toast me? You would never see me alone at an event. So if you are not talking about work or business, I don’t really have the time. Regardless, some people still walk up to me and tell me that they like me. I am an introvert but people do not believe. It is only when I am working that the lioness in me comes out. I like to be by myself.”

On inspiration behind her song, Maradona:

“My song ‘Maradonna’ is partly from personal experience and I also pulled from other people’s experience. The song is about a player, a terrible womaniser and I likened him to Maradonna’s footaball prowess. Men like different things and sometimes they go crazy in search of other things. It has happened to me and other women so I decided to sing about it. A lot of people can relate to it. During the time I dated a guy that cheated on me, I dealt with him when I found out. Although I broke the guy’s head in the video, I just walked out the guy in real life and said goodbye to the relationship. I always bade my friend farewell because if a friend could do that to you, then that person is not your friend,” she said. | Credit: | My Career Comes Before My Relationship – Niniola

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