Miss West Africa calls for women to share their pagaent fixing experiences with the hashtag #IamFlorenceEpee

Florence Epee, the current Miss West Africa crown wearer is now campaigning against fixed beauty pageants. She’s calling on all women who have experienced such cases to share their stories by tweeting with the hashtag #IamFlorenceEpee .

Florence Epee who was inspired by the worlds reaction to the Afcon football game spoke out and said “If the men of the world can get excited over the sports of other men kicking balls, and yet loose interest in beautiful women being crowned, then there is something wrong with the state of pageants today, pageants also need to be in this level. It is not always easy to tell with every competition that who should win sometimes it is just opinion, but there are some times where it is obvious. People don’t understand girls usually can’t speak out because they are not in the business of media, they don’t know who to report their pain to, and when they do they are neglected or people think they are just jealous of the winner.”

She also congratulated the African media including us (EnterGhana), for constantly criticising fixed events around the world. Be sure to tweet your experience with the hashtag #IamFlorenceEpee

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