Mensa says his comment on ‘Sark-Fest beef’ was a joke

A member of FOKN Bois, M3nsa has said his tweet which sought to ask if the beef between Sarkodie and M.anifest was orchestrated to squash an album the group just released was a joke.

FOKN Bois on June 30, 2016 released their third studio album “FOKN ODE TO GHANA”. The album is made up of instrumentals sampled from classic highlife tunes from the 70’s and 80’s. The 21 track album is a satirical commentary on the current global social, political, economic, racial, and religious happenings.

Speaking to Hitz FM, M3nsa said the tweet was just a passing comment. He indicated that the Sark-Fest beef has not affected FOKN Bois in any way because the group is always in total control.

“…I tweeted that have they planned to distract out album or what, but it was a joke. We are not affected. We have done it from day one. We have never been in contention or competition. Not even a single Ghanaian artiste,” he said.

Sarkodie hit back at M.anifest with ‘Kanta’ after the latter released ‘god MC’ believed by some music lovers to be directed at the former.

Fans of these two artistes have sought to punch holes to the lyrics of their opponent and trolled them on various social media platforms.

To M3nsa, the controversy looks fishy.

“If M.anifest really came at Sarkodie, it’s strange. On what grounds? Something doesn’t seem right to me but also, Sarkodie’s response was so venomous. It had so much vim that it couldn’t just be a joke,” he noted. | Credit: | Mensa says his comment on ‘Sark-Fest beef’ was a joke

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