Meet the artist who paints with his penis. See photos! +Intentions of painting Obama as well

This may seem rather strange, but true. Instead of using a paint brush or anything out there, Canadian artist Brent Ray Fraser used his large and erect penis to create paintings as large as 12 feet wide.

According him, anytime he feels like working on a new artwork, his penis naturally stands erect, allowing him to tie a knot around it he used to paint on paper, due to the cold nature of the paint.

He further explains how he lets his penis become flaccid for him to be able to use it as a brush and swoosh it around during his creations.

When not using the tip of his dong, Fraser also makes prints with his equally vast scrotum, which look strangely like elephants’ footprints.

Fraser told Vice, ‘It’s like the Warhol Factory, but with my dick. Working on the art gets me aroused’. He also added that he’s now working on an Obama painting with his genital tool.

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