Meet ELLE Magazine’s woman of the month, Roberta Annan (PY’s sister)

Elle Magazine, South Africa has featured Accra-born and New York-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, Roberta Annan who is also the sister of radio and TV personalty PY Addo Boateng Annan, as Woman of The Month in its September issue.

Roberta is behind Frallain, a non-profit focused on expanding the global footprint of premium African brands. She is passionate about female empowerment and the African continent, while she remains  focused on empowering designers to grow their brands and business.

Check out her Interview with ELLE Magazine below:

How has Ghana shaped your life?

I come from a modest, hard-working family. I was raised to value relationships and education. I have known from a young age that respect for everyone regardless of race, economic background and place in society is the best gift that you can offer fellow human beings.

What does Africa mean to you in your everyday life?
We are blessed with natural resources, beautiful surroundings and, most importantly, talented, kind and intelligent people.

How are you affecting real change in West Africa?
I have dedicated my work to investing in social and environmental impact projects. I’ve worked to highlight African culture, but also package it as a space for opportunity – particularly in the luxury goods market. My work is about educating and changing the perception and narrative about Africa, with a focus on building capacity for those less fortunate, those who are struggling.

Growing up, what were you taught about the role of a woman in society?

Most of the women in my family are highly educated and empowered, so I had great role models to look up to. Yet, outside of my family I saw women who were marginalised and didn’t have equal opportunities like men.

How are the women of the continent making the changes required to be further empowered?
Women are stepping up! They are receiving education and assuming leadership roles in prominent companies, in government and beyond.

What do you do in your down time?

I like to spend time reading, travelling, dancing, listening to music and volunteering.

What’s the best piece of advice you got when you first started out that remains true today?
‘All you have is your NAME – protect it.’

What’s your mantra?
Love. Simple, but to the point. | Meet ELLE Magazine’s woman of the month, Roberta Annan (PY’s sister)

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