Meet beautiful Ghanaian female celebrities with adorable kids but no husbands

Frankly speaking, me per say i have absolutely see nothing wrong with a female with a child but no husband. Unfortunately the Ghanaian society and Africa as a whole do not base their societal values on my

Its gradually becoming a common thing to see Ghanaian female celebrities(especially the beautiful ones) with kid and no husband.

Some were married and for some reasons left the marriage and took their kids along with them. Others too had their child in a relationship and have never been married before.


Nadia Buari, the beautiful fair skin actress recently gave birth to twins. The daughters look just amazing like their mummy and Ghanaians can’t wait to see how these two adorable kids will grow up to be.

The only unfortunate thing about their birth is their daddy is yet to be seen. Had it not been that Mary, mother of Jesus was already known, we would have assume Nadia’s issue was immaculate She has done so well in hiding the identity of the kids daddy.


This amazing curvy woman who you can watch twice when you meet her is also not married but she has a daughter.

She has severally admitted she was once married and had the baby girl but checks reveals its likely not to be true. There is a popular believe she had the child out of wedlock.

Nana Ekua Amoah  (Mzbel)

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But whatever the truth is, the past is of little concern to some of us. we just love to drool over her amazing curves and that beautiful face whiles patiently waiting for her little princess to grow up nicely.

As energetic, vibrant and beautiful as mzbel is, she unfortunately has no man to call her own.When she gave birth, there was rumors that Kofi Amoateng of

UT bank was the father of the child but Mzbel came out to deny that rumors but she however confirmed she has slept countless times with the man.Can you believe that?..lolAnyway, she has a gorgeous handsome boy.


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Damien, Jackie’s son was not born out of wedlock. she had him when she was still married to Peter Agyemang. Unfortunately the marriage didn’t hold but Jackie got custody of Damien.

Since the divorce not much is well known about her love life. sometimes she is linked to a billionaire in Nigeria. Other times too some actor in Nigeria.

Nana Aba Anamoah

Nana Aba Anamoah the TV personality who happens to be the role model of every little girl had her child when she was a teenager.

From her had a tough times but as she puts it now ” i am a proud born one”. As to why she is still not settle is what baffles some of us. When she was dating Kofi Amoateng of UT bank, we all thought the wedding bells will be heard soon but unfortunately Mzbel snatched him from

Tiffany Hayden (Itz Tiffany)

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Tiffany has a had a tough time late as a result of her legal battles with her baby’s father. Ever since her leaked s*x video came out.

The man’s parent who are in the UK saw Tiffany as unfit to raised the kid well and a such sue for full custody which was granted by UK court.


Juliet Ibrahim had one of the amazing celebrity marriages to dream for. she married the son Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo, one of the wealthiest men in Ghana.

The romance in their marriage was awesome. They had an amazing son and before we could close our eyes and open, their marriage has hit the rocks and it was over.

Although it is over but Juliet got custody of the child. We had not heard anything again about her romantic life but we believe she is not doing bad in that
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