Meet 7 Ghanaian artists who have been accused of stealing songs

The good old Bible says it’s more blessing to give than to take. It, therefore, baffles me why those who have and are in the position to help those who are in need don’t do but rather chooses to steal from them. I guess some people still live by the jungle rule ” Survival of the fittest”.

There have been countless cases of plagiarism in the music industry of Ghana. And it always involves well-established artists and an underground artist struggling to hit the limelight.

Most often the underground artist approaches the ace artist to help him/her but by the time he/she realizes the song that was introduced to the popular artist has been released and it making waves.


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When Stonebwoy released ” NO Noise”, and it was making waves in Ghana, Another artist, Rashid Metal came out to accuse the Dancehall King of stealing of stealing his song. As to how Stonebwoy got his hands on Rashid Metal’s song is another issue for another time.


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As for Yaa Pono, I have no idea what his problem was. Am sure when he laid claim to what clearly wasn’t his with such aggressiveness, i no say na he blunt small.

Yaa Pono In an interview with BBC’s Rita Ray in 2014, he boldly said Dark Suburb’s first major hit ” I dey feel you die” was his. A song he wasn’t even featured on. Chai!! Why say I no go talk say ne he blunt.


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Asem released a Hip-Hop hit track “Show Something” in 2012 and it had soo much airplay. Few weeks after that, a Ghanaian rapper based in Chicago, USA accused Asem of stealing his beat. According to the rapper, Purp’man, he used the beat for his ” YU Bore” song which he released before Asem released his.


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The VGMA 2017 Best Rapper of the Year has been in the news once for plagiarism. You his hit song  “SomeWay Bi”. The song that made waves in Ghana not just for the lyrical prowess exhibited but also for the amazing beat that accompanied it.

It, therefore, came as shocking news when a Belizean musician and producer, Ivan Duran came out to accuse Ma.nifest of stealing his beat for the song. The said beat originally appeared on Umalali’s “Mérua” which was recorded in 2009 but M.anifest’s “SomeWay Bi” was released in 2013


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I have always said I respect this artist soo much for his artistery. Against all odds, he insisted on rapping in his native tongue despite the fact that majority of his audience can’t speak or understand his language. He went on to prove everyone wrong to make name for himself in the industry.

But as the saying goes ” Even superhuman has his shortfalls”. He was accused of stealing his hit song “Nyedzilo”, the song which featured Mavins star, Reekado Banks. And the accusation came from Eduwodzi and Kosi Bone. They claim they were the original owners of the song.


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For the NKZ  CEO, I have no idea where to start from. This guy has been accused countless times with some even threatening to sue him. He steals anything that he hears and the person is not popular,

On record he stole, ” Are You Aware” by some internet lady, He stole “Bossu” by underground artist Osagy, He stole ” Obumpa” from Nautica, He stole Kpakpakpa Movement” a popular internet sensation. In fact, let me end here.


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Bisa Kdei came into the limelight through Kumawood Soundtrack “Azonto Ghost”. It, therefore, no wonder his first accusation came from a producer from Kumawood.

Paul Gee accused popular singer Bisa Kdei of stealing soundtrack he paid Bisa to record for his movies and placed on his album as his. Shortly after that, Sound Engineer O’tion accused Bisa of stealing his Hit song ” Saa”. According to O’tion he recorded the song earlier under a different title ” Ewiase” which Bisa stole months later as his.

These are the top 7 Ghanaian artists who have been accused of stealing songs. If you have any more to add, let’s get interactive in the comment section. | Credit: | Meet 7 Ghanaian artists who have been accused of stealing songs

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