Marwako trial: Out-of-court settlement reached but…

Lawyers of the Abelenkpe Branch Supervisor of Marwako Fast Food Limited say they have reached an out-of-court settlement with the victim of their client’s maltreatment.

Jihad Chabaan is standing trial for dipping the face of Evelyn Boakye in blended pepper.

Judgement was set for Wednesday but magistrate Victoria Ghansah asked for time to study the terms of the settlement out of court before giving her judgement, which is now set for Wednesday, August 2.

She said she has to compare her judgement to the details of the terms of the settlement.

Magistrate Victoria Ghansah indicated to the court that she only received the decision on Monday and would be prudent to study it before delivering judgement.

Lawyer Julio de Mederious said the settlement was in consonance with the laws of Ghana since criminal cases even make provision for such.

He, however, failed to give the details of the settlement.

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