Manifest’s god MC track is better than Sarkodie’s Kanta – Samini

saminiDancehall artiste Samini has shared his thoughts about the claim for the title of ‘The Best Rapper’ in Ghana between Sarkodie and M.anifest.

The ‘Iskoki’ artiste told Caroline (Sampson), Jessica (Sarforo) and Chantelle (Asante) on Celebrity Fan Zone on Viasat 1 Television that he believes Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta‘ could have been better.

Kanta, I think could have been done with less emotion so it doesn’t come across as insult… a response to a diss track.”

He prefers M.anifest’s ‘godmc‘. “…when I heard the track I appreciated the effort in the track. The rap skill and the intellect behind it…”

Watch the interview below. 

Read below our earlier reports on the Sarkodie and M.anifest beef.

M.anifest isn’t playing at all on his new single titled ‘god MC’. The song is a treat and  prelude to his upcoming album ‘No Where Cool‘.

The ‘heat’ starts with ‘I don’t think far, I think think madness’ phrase by popular Kumawood actor Lil Win, and sees the rapper take shots at his ‘loud rapper neighbours’,  ‘dem dey claim pure gold but them be copper. Don’t compare a name dropper to a show stopper.’ raps M.anifest over the instrumental produced by Dream Jay. ‘what’s a king to a god mc? numero uno, that be me.’

He also discussed trending issues. “…go from Inspector Bediako to Kumkum Bagya, progress or regress?’

The real is back!

About a decade ago, a young cat Sarkodie lyrically murdered every rapper who crossed his path on ‘Kasahare Level’ hosted by Dr. Duncan on Adom FM. The show pitched upcoming rappers against one another to determine who the best was – week in, week out, the former won his battle with his wit, wordplay and lyrical prowess.

All that went left when he gained mainstream appreciation, except on very few occasions when he delivered solid bars.

Fast forward to last night when he decided to respond to M.anifest’s diss song against him. *insert fire emojis*. In case, you’ve been under a rock and lost on the genesis of this beef – M.anifest released a song titled ‘godmc’ last week which was directed at Sarkodie.

Over Desiigner’s ‘Panda‘s beats, Sarkodie spits real fire at M.Dot, “…Obi bɛ dissi mi ah na ɛnyɛ rapper ah ɔde GTP ntuma pam kaba…Nansa yi sɛ boys nni swag na nntareɛ ne ndɔɔso a ɔmo claimi Afrocentric.” Yeah he went there.

“Eii akoa wei ne brɔfo akɛseɛ. Fakɔ kɔ lecture wɔ Legon…How can I rap to the world whiles you, you dey rap to your friends…”

Will M.anifest respond to the lyrical attack? time will tell. | Credit: | Manifest’s god MC track is better than Sarkodie’s Kanta – Samini

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