Man posts photo of his wife’s ‘period outfit’, causing other women to condemn his action

A Reddit user, who posts under the username chrisflynn85, took a snap of his wife in what he calls her ‘Don’t touch me, I’m on my period!’ clothes, and posted it online, the sisters of social media weren’t best pleased.

The photo, taken while his wife wasn’t looking, shows her wearing a dressing gown, baggy pyjama bottoms and fluffy socks.

Likely meant as a harmless joke, what the man hadn’t reckoned on was just how supportive the internet can be when it comes to sticking up for the sisterhood. In just one day the image clocked up more than 2 million views and almost 2,000 comments, most of which were standing up for his wife’s right to rock whatever she wanted during that time.
Some of the comments…

“When it’s that time of the month, us ladies do NOT care what we look like”.

Afternoonofthefaun leapt to the wife’s defence, saying sarcastically:

‘What, pajamas? Do people normally walk around the house in lingerie or something?’

JessthePest also sympathised, writing:

‘Mine’s a pink onesie with a hood. When I was pregnant I looked like a f****** telletubby. And I would totally share that pic with y’all here and now, if I could find it.

But despite the onslaught of comments, the man continued to stoke the fire posting ‘If she sees this, pms is going to move to defcon 5’. And later joked that he had Googled divorce lawyers.
Do you think the picture is harmless or insensitive? | Man posts photo of his wife’s ‘period outfit’, causing other women to condemn his action

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