Lydia Forson clashes with Twi actor Bill Asamoah

Actress Lydia Forson will for the first be starring alongside Kumasi-based Twi actor, Bill Asamoah, and others in an upcoming stage play titled, ‘Whose Daughter Is She’.

The outspoken actress announced her return to stage acting after missing in action for years.

Lydia was last on stage in 2010 when she was featured in the controversial stage play, ‘Vagina Monologue’. She has since not been seen on any stage.

‘Whose Daughter Is She’ tackles the pressures of society when it comes to marriage and the desperation and length both men and women go through to fit in and gain acceptance.

Producers of the play will be touring parts of Ghana with it, starting from Takoradi, Cape Coast, Sunyani, and finally to Kumasi. Takoradi’s show is slated for November 13 at the Akroma Plaza.

“When I read the script initially I didn’t see just how deep the story was, but when I finally sat down with my cast mates and discussed the story I was moved how deeply is resonated with a lot of people I know and even myself. It’s not doubt that women are constantly pressurized to get married but the story explores this in a way that many have never truly looked at,” Lydia Forson said.

“I’ve only done stage a few times and it’s both frightening and exciting but I love that the audience get to see me perform live, no edit, nowhere to run, just a raw performance,” she added.

“Working with Bill Asamoah is something I’m also really excited about because it a merge of two very different yet equally powerful industries and I can’t wait for people to see our magic on stage,” she also said about working with Bill Asamoah. | Credit: | Lydia Forson clashes with Twi actor Bill Asamoah

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