Love Tips: 5 signs that you are a reckless lover

Should you be reckless in love?

Sometimes people are said to fall ‘heads over heels in love.’ Surely you must have come across that.

This means that such people are usually out of control when in love, or more accurately, when they think they are in love.

Admittedly, being in love makes has a way of making even the smartest people do ‘stupid’ things, there is still a limit to the silly things one can be excused for doing in the name of love.

Especially as one grows or experiences more relationships, it is expected that he/she should master the art of controlling emotions and resisting urges.


No one crosses a busy highway without first making sure the road is free. Likewise, no fighter charges into battle tactlessly, thoughtlessly and without any form of caution or plan.

We can all agree that love is not meant to a battle field but if you recklessly keep falling heads over heels into it time and again, it’s going to take all your energy and leave you absolutely spent of genuine emotions and that’s not a good thing.

So how do you know that you fall under this category?


1. You’re filled with impulsive moves

If you are used to being impulsive with your life’s decisions including the delicate ones, thos could also affect your relationship life.

People who are rash and impetuous hardly think anything through, no matter how sensitive that thing is.

You kiss on every first date, end up at every guy’s place you go on a date with.

As a guy, you fall in love with every girl courteous enough to just flash you a smile or say hi to you, so you ask for her number because you now instantly see her as a potential wife and all.

You surely fall in this category of reckless lovers.

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2. You have an unhealthy idea of relationships

If you are the type who goes on a first date with someone and starts seeing a fairytale wedding, cute kids and a joint life of happiness with that person, your opinion of how relationships work needs to be revised and your likelihood of falling heedlessly in love is high, too.


3. Your friends are tired of you

Your girls, your homies… they are all fed up of you and your crazy love life. They are tired of being introduced to a different guy after every two months and having to pick you up after every breakup.

Dude, babe, that’s an example that you are a reckless lover and you need to watch it.

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4. Your friends no longer feel sorry for you

Because they are now familiar with your cycle of falling and getting out of love every few months, they n longer feel any remorse or pity when you breakup. Why? They know it’ll be just a while before you dive into another relationship.


5. You’re a terrible lover

Your experience in previous bad relationships leaves you bitter and tired of putting work into subsequent ones. Eventually, you become jaded and unbothered about making a relationship work because somewhere along the line, you lost your genuine enthusiasm for true, passionate romance.

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