Love and Romance: What has age got to do with it?

When they say that love is blind, is it really blind to certain things like lack of money or differences in age? Is age just a number as clichéd as it sounds or age does really count?

Time and time again I get puzzled with this question about the relevance of age when it comes to loving, dating, or marrying someone. There are some known facts about the differences between the physical maturity of males and females one of which is that females experience a much faster rate of development over their male counterparts. This brings them to be at an advantage over males of the same age with them. I guess that is when they started to look beyond their age bracket for boys much older than they are. The other day I was a bit surprised that a pretty young girl on my Snapchat is actually sixteen years. Like sixteen years! I had always thought she was maybe eighteen or nineteen ish. Anyway returning back to the topic in mind, many girls that dig dating much older men (I’m talking about age differences extending to a decade or more) often cite maturity as their reason for going for such men. They say that men within their age bracket don’t understand their needs as much as older folks do, that all their age peers have is sex on their brains. Although there are no scientific facts to back their claims, I can relate to what they are saying. This is where we draw the line between what is true and what is fallacious. Maturity or experience as some put it has nothing to do with age. Age, to be honest is only a number, a descriptive way to quantity how many years one has lived. Life has dealt with each person differently, so we may have a young man in his twenties with the experiences and understanding of life of a man in his forties as well as we can have a man in his fifties who has nothing to offer from his cerebrum. We don’t all mature the same way at the same rate. While some mature early in life, some other people actually never leave their childhood.

Another thing that is crucial here is about how well the two people mutually respect each other, taking into perspective a case in point where the female is the older one. If they both perceive themselves as being equal to one another, a lot of potential disagreements, clashes and misunderstandings would be averted. Dating someone much older than you requires a lot more commitment than the average same-age relationship but it sure can work.

So it’s not the age, it’s the experience that counts. | Credit: | Love and Romance: What has age got to do with it?

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