Life Of Lies episode 99 (Wednesday 20th April)

Today’s ‪#‎Lifeofliesonjoyprime‬, Jose Marilu is told that Ricardo requested the divorce and in her desperation she cuts her veins. Jacquy wants her mother to deliver the CD to Homero so that the organization is caught and they pay for Mariano’s death. Fabiola informs Leonardo that she can no longer have children, he tells her that its not necessary for a couple to become parents to be happy. Homero advises Sebastian to turn himself in to the authorities. He is interrogated and set free because he risked his life to obtain evidence against the people at the real estate company. They do not believe that Matilde didn’t know there were false invoice and non-existing employees and she is sent to prison. Jose Luis returns where he left Antonio’s body and buries him, taking the sheaves of bills he had with him. Scott Patrick speaks with Rosa and talks her into giving him the CD Jose Luis gave her to keep. Oriana decides to go away on a week end with Alina so that she doesn’t go alone with her father. He rents a house away from any town and at the end of the episode we hear him say: It’s now or never. Then he asks for a small plane and passports for Alina and Oriana to go to the Dominican Republic.

Tune in @ 8pm | Life Of Lies episode 99 (Wednesday 20th April)

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