Life Of Lies episode 92 (12th April)

Jacky tells Homero she found out what her father did when he died and assures him she wants to use the money he left for charity. Mariano confesses Piero he’s in love with Jacky. Ricardo reveals to Oriana that Raquel is pregnant and that Jose Luis could be the father. Oriana doesn’t tell Ricardo she’s pregnant too because she’s sure Marilu won’t give him the divorce ever. Jose Luis goes looking for Oriana and Paloma confronts him. Ricardo fights with Jose Luis and he’s about to kill him. Doctor Veronese visits Jose Luis and sees him hurt because of his fight with Ricardo. Fabiola tells her father that Leonardo is her boyfriend and he’s happy for her. Jacky decides to investigate in the real estate company where Matilde works to find out things and reach an agreement with Homero. Oriana tells her daughter her father had to go on a trip. Paloma’s party takes place, and Marilu is furious because she wasn’t invited. Ricardo is still recovering himself and Oriana takes care of him. Marilu arrives drunk to the party and tries to shoot Ines, but she ends up wounding Fabiola. The police arrests Marilu for attempt of murder Fidelia begs Ricardo to find a lawyer for her. The doctor informs the family that Fabiola had to have a cesarean because the baby was already dead.

Tune in @8pm | Life Of Lies episode 92 (12th April)

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