The Lady From Vendaval episode 55 (Friday 1st July)

Today’s #theladyfromvendaval, After he finds her sleeping in Camilo’s arms, Alessandro confronts Marcela and although she tries to explain what happened, she is unable to because she can’t remember anything; he keeps getting angrier and angrier and tells her it is quite obvious that she still loves Camilo, and refuses to talk to her anymore. He then packs a suitcase, and although she begs him not to, he decides to leave. Before he does, he confronts Luciano, accusing him of being thrilled over the fact that the wedding has been cancelled. Sagrario questions Marcela about her feelings for Camilo, but she states once more that although she doesn’t remember what happened, the only man she loves is Alessandro. The Castelos decide to leave the hacienda early the next morning. When she wakes up, Marcela has a bad headache and her eyes sting but even so, all she wants is to find Alessandro and talk to him. He is over at Emiliano’s, who cannot believe what happened the night before and keeps telling him there must be an explanation for it, because he is certain Marcela loves Alessandro. He asks him to reconsider before he goes any further, because Camilo probably planned the whole thing. Meantime, she rides to town on her horse Huracan without Mateo, trying to find Alessandro, although she feels ill. When she gets to the town square, she gets off the horse and faints.

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