The Lady From Vendaval episode 6 (Tuesday 3rd May)

Today’s ‪#‎Ladyfromvendavalonjoyprime‬, Alessandro surprised asks her why she is blaming him; octavia answers that she was driving his suv; he explains to her that damiana forced him to give it to him as part of the loot that she asked him to divorce him, octavia tells him that the breaks failed. Alessandro answers it’s impossible because he checked the suv himself, and asks her how she knows. Octavia tells him that she was speaking with damiana before the accident and she told her that the breaks were failing. Once in the hospital, octavia shouts at alessandro that he let her take his suv knowing that his breaks were not working, cristian tells octavia he was present when damiana demanded him shouting that he gave her the suv. Alessandro asks her to stop making up things. Damiana recovers consciousness and asks her mother to forgive her, tells her that she loves her very much and dies. Octavia gets out of her wits and shouts at him that because of him damiana is dead. Marcela calls alessandro; he tells her that he cannot speak with her in that moment. Alessandro tells cristian that he doesn’t understand octavia’s attitude because she hates him; cristian suggests that he should give her a chance to live her duel, and asks him to go to the hotel to change, take a bath and let the employees know so that they go to the funeral parlor. Marcela tells alba that she called alessandro and he hung up on her and maybe he doesn’t want to marry her anymore, alba tells her she is always thinking the worst scenario, because she could also think that alessandro was probably in the court of law and therefore, he was unable to answer her call.

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