The Lady From Vendaval episode 58 (Wednesday 6th July)

Today’s #theladyfromvendaval; Sagrario confirms Mateo that Severo injured her. Luciano invites Valeria to New York. Mateo threatens with killing Severo if Sagrario doesn’t report him. Octavia asks Felgueres to stipulate that if they don’t comply with the mortgage, El Vendaval can be seized. Nisa promises Camilo to look for a better place to live for him. Marcela and Mateo decide to take justice in their hands against Severo. Octavia comments Mauro her surprise when she knew that Damiana had designated her her heiress. Ilse decides to accompany Amadeo to help Roman. Timoteo tells Octavia that Camilo was thrown out of the estate. Silvana tells Alessandro that Marcela went to town, armed. Octavia suggests Timoteo to close the entrance and exit of the estate, so the harvest cannot be sold. July and Eulogio connect the equipment to see the video. Timoteo tells Octavia that Marcela is becoming blind. Marcela and Mateo shout to Severo so he comes out of Timoteo’s house. Lencho tells Eulogio to go out to calm down Marcela and Mateo. July is sent to talk to Marcela. July suggests Severo to go out peacefully. Severo answers that the best is to ignore them. Marcela threatens with entering by force if Severo doesn’t come out. Timoteo arrives in his house and tries to control the situation. Marcela and Alessandro try to convince Mateo of not killing Severo. Maria Laura arrives to defend Severo with her life. Alessandro tries to calm down Marcela and Mateo so they work things out in another way. Luciano orders some flowers for Valeria, but Nisa arrives and Luciano makes up they are for Silvana. Timoteo warns Severo that if there’s a report against him, he won’t be able to save him from going to jail. Amadeo and Ilse find out that there are other accusations against Roman. When Nisa leaves, Luciano orders some flowers for Valeria. Timoteo throws Severo out of his house for traitor and bad friend. Marcela swears to make Severo pay for what he did. Octavia finds out if Marcela knows something about the business between her and Severo. Alessandro tells Marcela that the bank accepted their proposal. Maria Laura threatens Severo with reporting him if he doesn’t give her back Nisa’s necklace.

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