The Lady From Vendaval episode 57 (Tuesday 5th July)

Today’s ‪#‎theladyfromvendaval‬ Alessandro tells Luciano that he will get married in spite of his opposition and Luciano tells him that if he does it, he will fire him from the Toscana chain. Alba reproaches Nuria that she had gotten close to her with lies. Alessandro puts Marcela before all the comforts Luciano offers him. Mateo comments Sagrario what Marcela and Alessandro agreed with Camilo. Nuria apologizes to Alba and explains her why she was jealous of her. Camilo tells Maria Laura that Marcela already found out everything and he threatens her with telling Marcela the truth, but Maria Laura warns him not to do it. Emiliano tells Valeria that things between Marcela and Alessandro have solved already. Alba confesses Nuria what she feels for Cristian, but she promises her that she’s not going to take her husband away from her. Maria Laura tells Nisa that now that Camilo left, she has a chance to start something with him. Ines invites Alba to her house to talk. Alba asks Cristian to take care of Nuria and she tells him that she will leave the Toscana. Amadeo and Ilse are worried for Roman and they go out looking for him. Maria Laura tells Marcela that Luciano threatens with disinheriting and firing Alessandro from the Toscana. Silvana calms down Marcela regarding Luciano, but she asks her to let her organize a great wedding for her and Alessandro. Camilo asks Emiliano to receive him in his house, but the latter tells him that he’s no longer welcome. Silvana finds out that Luciano left to town without telling her. Alba tells Silvana that she quits. Eulogio finds out that Camilo doesn’t live in the estate anymore. Timoteo scolds Camilo for what he did. Luciano goes to talk to Valeria. Amadeo and Ilse find out that Roman is in jail. Alessandro asks Octavia why she made an offer to Marcela for the Vendaval. Mateo finds out that it was Severo the one who injured Sagrario. Mateo threatens with reporting Severo. Octavia tells a lie to Alessandro regarding her interest on El Vendaval, and Alessandro tells her that she inherited all of Damiana’s properties. Severo denies having done anything to Sagrario. Timoteo tells Severo that they will find out who attacked Lencho with a video. Valeria is surprised to know that Alessandro knows that Luciano had a lover. Valeria asks Luciano not to say that she was his lover. Nisa explains Camilo that Marcela didn’t receive any inheritance, because Severo kept everything. Mateo confronts Sagrario and asks her if Severo was the one who injured her.

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