The Lady From Vendaval episode 56 (Saturday 2nd July)

Today’s ‪#‎theladyfromvendaval‬ , Octavia finds Marcela lying unconscious in the town square, so she gets an ambulance and drives her to the town medical clinic. At the same time, Emiliano has managed to convince Alessandro that he must speak with Marcela before he makes any decisions, and that’s when they get the news that Marcela has been taken to the medical clinic. They immediately go over and the doctor lets them know that she is alright; a desperate and worried Alessandro goes in to see her, and they make up. Before he discharges her, though, the doctor asks Marcela what medication she is taking. When she says she is not taking any, the doctor informs her that she ingested narcotics somehow, and that’s why her head and her eyes ached. Alessandro suddenly sees it all clearly: someone gave her narcotics to make her fall asleep and end up in Camilo’s arms. The obvious deduction is that it was Camilo himself who slipped it to her, and although Marcela does not want to believe it, she cannot refute the evidence. Alessandro finds his family before they leave town, and explains to them that it was a misunderstanding, an evil plan by Camilo to break him and Marcela up. Luciano tells him he will believe in Marcela when she proves that she does not love Camilo by throwing him out her hacienda for good.

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