The Lady From Vendaval episode 56 (Monday 4th July)

Today’s #theladyfromvendaval Alessandro explains to his parents and Nisa that it was a misunderstanding, an evil plan by Camilo to break him and Marcela up. Luciano tells him he will believe in Marcela when she proves that she does not love Camilo by throwing him out her hacienda for good. When they get to the hacienda, Marcela proves that she is determined, when she demands that Camilo leaves the hacienda immediately and refuses to forgive him. She then asks Alessandro’s parents to stay for a few days longer so they can get to know her better; they agree to stay. When Alba tells Ines that she feels foolish now that she’s found out that Cristian is married to Nuria, Ines tells her that they were separated because Nuria went to Houston to get treatment for her cancer, and now she’s cured. Meantime, Timoteo finally manages to get July to hand him over the video camera that recorded what happened to his son Lencho. Octavia tells Mauro that Severo was forced to agree to sell her his land at the price she offered. Cristian calls Alessandro to let him know that he is on the way over, with the divorce papers; Alessandro explains that he made up with Marcela and is not getting a divorce. Cristian then tells him about the document Marcela is going to sign for Luciano, giving up on any claims on Alessandro’s estate. He forbids Marcela from signing it, and tells his father about it. Luciano accuses Marcela of being a liar, so Alessandro throws to his face the fact that he cheated on his mother.

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