The Lady From Vendaval episode 54 (Thursday 30th June)

Today’s ‪#‎theladyfromvendaval‬ , Eulogio tells Timoteo that July heard a gunshot in the town square, and they went out looking but didn’t find anyone. Meantime, Octavia drops Mauro off at the hotel, and leaves to meet Lencho in her camper. Although the young man feels bad about betraying his father, she gets him to have sex with her, and afterwards, demands that he breaks up with Maria Laura. Severo is waiting outside, ready to attack the man he believes to be Mauro; he hits Lencho in the back of the head, but when he realizes it is, in fact, his godson, he carries him over to Timoteo’s, claiming that he found him lying unconscious in the town square. Meantime, Maria Laura, Nisa and Camilo set their plan in motion: Maria Laura goes in the room while Alessandro sleeps, and tells Marcela that Camilo is terribly ill. Marcela finds him drenched in sweat, not realizing that he’s sprayed himself with water. Camilo begs her to look after him, and Maria Laura gives her some tea. Marcela drinks it, not knowing that it has sleeping pills in it. When she falls asleep, Maria Laura and Camilo set her up in the bed with him, to make it look as if they slept together. Nisa wakes Alessandro up to ask for his help, claiming she heard moaning coming from a ghost. They go into Camilo’s room to find Marcela sleeping in his arms. Alessandro wakes her up and tells her to forget all about him because he cannot believe she slept with Camilo under his own roof. Marcela is quite confused, befuddled as to how she ended up in there.

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