The Lady From Vendaval episode 53 (Wednesday 29th June)

Today’s ‪#‎theladyfromvendaval‬, Severo finds a cell phone someone dropped in the camper, and he finds out Mauro is the owner, so he figures he is the person who witnessed him killing Mike, so he decides to wait for him in the camper. Mauro calls Octavia from the bar, begging her to go over right away. Back at the hacienda, Marcela has a private conversation with Luciano, trying to convince him that she does not want his son’s money; she offers to sign any document to that effect. Luciano asks Cristian to write out a contract to stop Marcela from getting any money from the family fortune. When Silvana hears about this, she tells Luciano that Alessandro will be furious when he finds out. Even though his father isn’t present, Alessandro asks for Marcela’s hand in marriage again, so in the end, Sagrario and Mateo, as well as Silvana, agree for them to marry at the end of the month. Emiliano encourages them to fight for their love. Marcela tells Alessandro she is scared that her happiness will disappear, as it has happened in the past. Octavia finally leaves the dinner party with Timoteo, who tells her he will be waiting up for her. However, she goes to see Mauro, who tells her about what Severo did. She figures this news fits into her plans, and although Mauro keeps telling her that his life is in danger because Severo has identified him, Octavia decides that they will stay in town so they can get Severo to sell her his land.

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