The Lady From Vendaval episode 5 (Friday 29th April)

Today’s ‪#‎Ladyfromvendavalonjoyprime‬ Alessandro gets surprised when his mother tells him that someone stole the necklace and reminds him of his value, Alessandro tells her he has the necklace, Nisa gets surprised when she hears her brother because she stole it, although she feels that Gordo and Cuchi made her think that it was fake. Octavia decides not to tell Damiana that Alessandro is planning to get married. Octavia tells Alessandro that his father called her and was very upset; she asks her if she said something, Alessandro tells her he didn’t, but he cannot do anything to help her. Octavia reproaches him that they want to leave she and her daughter without anything; Alessandro reminds her that with what the attorneys asked, they will never lack money and asks her to tell Damiana not to get late to the appointment they have at court, Octavia asks him if he’s planning to get married again; he tells her he wants to recover the time that he lost with his daughter. Mrs Sagrario gets shocked to get a phone call from New York from Severo letting her know that he will arrive in a week with Nazaria’s attorney; he orders her to get the girls ready to welcome him.

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