The Lady From Vendaval episode 47 (Tuesday 21st June)

Today’s ‪#‎theladyfromvendaval‬ ,Timoteo tells Octavia that he was misinformed regarding Severo. Octavia wants to talk business with Severo. Luciano tells Valeria that he still loves her. Marcela asks Emiliano to examine Sagrario. Silvana tells Alessandro that marrying Marcela would be crazy and that it would destroy his life. Valeria tells Luciano that he still fears Silvana and lose his stability and his family. Luciano is surprised to know that Alessandro and Valeria know each other. Silvana tells Alessandro that he only wants the best for him. Valeria tells Luciano that she doesn’t become excited to see him. An employee talks very well about Alessandro in front of Alba. Cristian tells Nuria that he will go to encourage Alba. Nuria asks Alba not to tell anyone that they had breakfast together. Silvana goes out looking for Luciano because he already took long. Emiliano suggests that the clinic’s doctor examines Sagrario. Octavia tells Severo that she’s interested in buying his part of the ranch, but she won’t do it until he shows her the papers that prove he is the owner. Alessandro finds out that they found Sagrario and she was taken to the clinic. Emiliano tells Sagrario that he knows that someone abused her and he asks her to tell him who it was.

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