The Lady From Vendaval episode 29 (Tuesday 31st May)

Today’s ‪#‎theladyfromvendaval‬, Maria Laura is prepared to do anything to get Nisa to stop thinking about Camilo, she leaves her with Amadeo but he isn’t capable of drawing her attention. Alessandro calls Marcela to inform her that he will return the next day but she tells him that they have to talk, he remains nervous. Alba and Sagrario manage to convince Marcela to calm down and not do anything foolish and lose the man of her dreams. Maria Laura asks Camilo not to have anything to do with Nisa but he now has other plans. Marcela kicks Mike and Severo off of the hacienda. Severo tells her that his brother gave him part of the hacienda but she knows nothing about it and wants to see the papers. Sagrario asks Marcela to confess her sins and tries to give her advice telling her about her love for Mateo, Marcela is happy about that.

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