The Lady From Vendaval episode 22 (Monday 23rd May)

Marcela wants to sell El Vendaval to pay the debt but Mateo recommends that she only sell a part of it, she refuses. Maria Laura is unbearable with everyone especially Mateo. Nisa cries over Cuchi with her mother and tries to get information about the whereabouts of Marcela but doesn’t achieve it. Luciano receives a call from Valeria, on old lover. Timoteo continues paying honors to Octavia but she wants information about El Vendaval. Alessandro asks Cristian to investigate further about Marcela’s inheritance. Sagrario speaks with Maria Laura to try to make her see reason with respect to her father but she is very ungrateful and insults her mother. Cristian tells Alessandro that he didn’t find anything on Mr Timoteo or the drunk guy but that he suspects that Luciano is on the point of finding Marcela. meanwhile Luciano finds out that Alessandro not only knows where Marcela is but that he has married her. Severo thanks Mike, who is actually an actor, for helping him to swindle Marcela out of the inheritance. Camilo wants to please Marcela by grooming Huracan but when he arrives to do so he finds the horse lying on the ground, he runs to inform Mateo. Severo wants to see if he can still control Sagrario. Luciano informs Silvana that Alessandro has married the thief of the necklace.

We shall keep you updated with Tuesday’s episode soon. | The Lady From Vendaval episode 22 (Monday 23rd May)

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