The Lady From Vendaval episode 17 (Tuesday 17th May)

Today’s ‪#‎Ladyfromvendavalonjoyprime‬, Lencho mentions to Maria Laura that he suspects that Alessandro is the person that wants to harm Marcela and Ell Vendaval. Luciano is very worried about his children and mentions it to Silvana who tries to calm him. When everyone is very worried because they don’t know where Sagrario is, she enters with Severo. The lie is discovered, he is the father of Alba and Maria Laura and also the uncle of Marcela. Alba is reluctant to accept him and Maria Laura is happy to know that her dad isn’t dead. Sagrario confesses the truth to them. Mateo doesn’t trust Alessandro because he comes from the city and for that reason decides to help Camilo to win Marcela back. Severo gives his version of the story and he blames Sagrario. The illness of Marcela’s sight was inherited from her mother and Marcela is brokenhearted to learn that her mom took off with the brother of her father and never worried about her. Maria Laura is happy that her father has returned and she wants to spend time with him while Alba is very angry and she support Sagrario. Everyone is very upset. Marcela takes refuge with Alessandro who gives her his support; she pays him her wager with a kiss. As they have to read the will as soon as possible, Marcela decides that Severo and the lawyer should stay at El Vendaval.

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