The Lady From Vendaval episode 15 (Friday 13th May)

Today’s ‪#‎Ladyfromvendavalonjoyprime‬,Timoteo promises Marcela that he is going to carry the investigation of the poisoning of the watering hole to its logical conclusion but he is actually angry with Roman for hiring somebody else. Eulogio releases the man. Luciano finds out about Vittorio’s accident and the robbery against him and Silvana discovers Nisa and Cuchi in the room of the safety deposit boxes. Camilo explains to Marcela that he didn’t abandon her, that he was kidnapped and beaten up and that an old woman rescued him and he was unable to get in touch with anybody. Marcela doesn’t care and she wants nothing more to do with him. Maria Laura tells Alessandro that Marcela is talking to Camilo at the entrance and when he gets there, he finds Camilo embracing Marcela and she tries to free herself. Alessandro knocks Camilo to the ground and threatens him for him to leave his wife in peace. Everyone at the hotel in Huatulco is worried about the problem with Vittorio, meanwhile Nisa acts innocent. Nisa speaks with Vittorio and passes herself off as a detective of stolen jewelry; he decides to forget about the matter to avoid problems. Mateo recommends to Sagrario that she speak with her daughters about their father, Maria Laura overhears and asks what it’s about. Timoteo takes from Roman the money he had given him for the job with the poison. Alessandro tells Marcela that her rejection makes him even more obsessed with her. Marcela confesses to him about the inheritance.

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