The Lady From Vendaval episode 14 (Thursday 12th May)

Today’s #Ladyfromvendavalonjoyprime, Marcela explains to Alessandro that Camilo jilted her at the altar. Cuchi goes with Vittorio to his room and Nisa hits him leaving him unconscious and they take the key to the safety deposit box. They upset the room to make it look like a robbery. Camilo discovers the man when he is about to poison the watering hole and stops him. Severo calls Sagrario and she hangs up. Marcela tells Sagrario and Alessandro that she is going to see Camilo to talk with him, Alessandro forbids her to go, when she is about to leave, Camilo enters with the man that tried to poison the water, they take precautionary measures but Marcela is afraid, Alessandro tells her that he is now there to protect her. When Cristian says goodbye to Alba, Amadeo, who is jealous, wants to talk to them but by accident Cristian breaks his nose. Octavia now knows that the wedding took place and she wants to meet Marcela. Alessandro wants to go with Marcela to make out a formal complaint but she stops him and she goes with Camilo. There is a lot of tension between them. Sagrario realizes Maria Laura’s intentions with Alessandro. Maria Laura continues poisoning Alessandro against Marcela but he doesn’t pay any attention to her. Alba obtains the position as a pianist in Mexico City. Camilo tries to speak with Marcela but she doesn’t want to listen to him. Timoteo is paying Roman for the work of poisoning the watering hole at El Vendaval when Marcela arrives with Camilo and the man who did the job to make out the complaint. Vittorio recovers consciousness and cries for help after the attack while Nisa and Cuchi find the necklace in the safety deposit box.

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