The Lady From Vendaval episode 131 (Friday 30th September)

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Marcela threatens with shooting Timoteo for everything he has done against her. Alba and Sagrario try to convince Marcela of not shooting Timoteo. Mateo tells Marcela what the architect was doing and the latter says that Timoteo took him. The architect reveals that the lands belong to Octavia. Roman tells everybody what Timoteo forced him to do. Alessandro and Cristian suggest to report Timoteo. Nuria receives the baby and takes him home to look after him. Cristian hurries the lawyer to get his divorce. Alessandro and Marcela argue again out of distrust. Camilo confirms Gordo that he’s going to jump from the roof the following day. Octavia gives instructions to Timoteo of starting to build something in the estate. Octavia also asks him to send her money to set aside her bride’s dress. Selma gets some false pregnancy analyses. Miguel visits Nuria and she sees that she treats the baby very well. Alessandro opposes to leave Emiliano and Marcela alone in the office and he has an argument with Emiliano. Mateo and Sagrario decide to get married immediately. Alessandro asks Emiliano if he’s in love with Marcela. Silvana asks Nestor if he knows something about Alessandro. Octavia calls Pedro and asks him to meet her. Silvana calls Alessandro and they end upo arguing. Emiliano tells Marcela that he needs to talk to her of something very important. Sagrario sees Maria Laura trying on new clothes and the latter tells her that her calendar is selling very well. Octavia proposes Pedro to conquer Ines in exchange of money. Ines tries to advise Nisa, but the latter throws her out of her room. Cuchi thinks that he’s going to convince Nisa of making up with him before Camilo. Maria Laura compromises Alessandro to help her study. Marcela asks the judge to order another examination for Severo. Silvana advises Nuria not to grow fond of the baby. Alba asks Cristian if he’s going to get a divorce for her. Leonel informs Nestor that Alessandro visits Valeria alone. Alba tells Cristian that she loves him and Amadeo too. Selma tells Amadeo that she’s pregnant.

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