The Lady From Vendaval episode 118 (Thursday 15th September)

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The doctor tells Maria Laura’s family that she is out of danger. When they go in to see her, she ends up screaming at them to get out of there, and she only wants to see Alessandro, whose support she tells him she needs. When Octavia visits her, she tells her they won’t be able to have the calendar presentation anytime soon because the Press made her look very bad. Gordo and Cuchi set up a trap for Camilo to make Nisa think that he is being unfaithful. She breaks into Camilo’s room but he catches her in there, and Nisa never sees the g-string planted in there, but Camilo does and sets up a plan with Lencho to get back at Cuchi. Lencho tries to talk his father out of marrying Octavia, but Timoteo will have none of it. Cristian tells Alessandro he is going to the small town because he wants to figure out his feelings for Alba. Alessandro then confesses to him how unhappy he is in his marriage since he found out that Marcela did steal the necklace and has been lying to him. Cristian tries to make him see that living in such hell only hurts him more, and the best thing he could do would be to confront Marcela and go to the police. But Alessandro refuses to leave her because he wants to exact revenge and make her suffer as much as he has; he ends up admitting that hard though he has tried, he hasn’t been able to stop loving her. In the end, Cristian agrees to respect his decision.
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