Ladies beware, these 6 INNOCENT foods could be the reason you are losing your shape

As good-looking as a lady may be on the outside, there may be an underlying insecurity that lies deep within, and that is cellulite.

Perhaps this is why many ladies fear stripping in front of a man, and prefer s*x in the dark. Consider this article a guide to help you overcome those insecurities by realizing that the ‘innocent’ things you consume may not be so innocent after all.

1. White sugar

A peculiar fact is that white sugar provides no nutrients in your body whatsoever. Rather, it is a risk factor for developing diabetes and increasing the fat content in your thigh area. Brown sugar or honey would be nice alternatives

2. Table salt.

The sour crystals we usually refer to as table salt is simply a modest way of saying refined salt. Refined salt only contains sodium chloride, and causes fluid retention and poor circulation. This, too, leads to cellulite.

3. Deep fried foods.

You might want to cut down on the nicely fried KFC chicken, as they contain more cholesterol which is low quality fats. With low quality fats comes a low quality body In the long run.

4. Alcoholic beverages

While they do not directly cause cellulite, they contain what nutrutionalists call “empty calories”, which in turn leads to weight gain.

5. Refined foods.

Foods that have been through a factory before consumption contains toxins which, if not checked, turn into cellulite.

6. Junk Junk Junk.

This one comes as no surprise to many. If you must junk up, be prepared to hit the gym or simply avoid such foods altogether.

Watch the video below of how to get rid of cellulite: | Credit: Mary Jones | Ladies beware, these 6 INNOCENT foods could be the reason you are losing your shape

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